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Disable Home Button For Artistic Installation

NottengaNottenga Posts: 0
edited October 2016 in Samsung Gear VR

I've developed an app in Unity (5.4.1), it's a simple 360° video player (created with EasyMovie Texture, btw).

The fact is, this app will be a one-shot performance, not published on Stores, and public will use the gear and touch it, etc. I absolutely don't want them to touch the Home button and exit the app (every times the gears is worn off, the video starts again, so no need to touch anything)

I'm using OVR libraries to restart the video, and other stuff, and i'm trying to disable the home button

I found a snippet on OVRManager.cs, and i commented the parts i found considerable, but it does nothing and the home button is still enabled... Any Idea?

public void ReturnToLauncher()
// show the platform UI quit prompt


    public static void PlatformUIConfirmQuit()
if (!isHmdPresent)
    public static void PlatformUIGlobalMenu()
if (!isHmdPresent)


  • L4Z3RC47L4Z3RC47 Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    any luck on this?
  • zproxyzproxy Posts: 245
    just reactivate your vrapp on focus lost
  • L4Z3RC47L4Z3RC47 Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks. Not sure Oculus Home will allow that? Do you mean OnApplicationFocus or VRFocus? 

    Anyways, our workaround was to physically block the home button with the controller tethers we we're using
  • RussGRussG Posts: 7
    edited April 2017
    We need to turn off the Home buttons as well.  There is clearly a way to do this, the dumb touch tutorial disables the home buttons and must be killed in the task manager.

    <edit> My bad, I searched for "Disable home buttons" and didn't realize this topic was in the GearVR forum. :)
  • relaxculusrelaxculus Posts: 97
    Hiro Protagonist

    any news about that?

    i search a 360 3D photo viewer with disabled touch controls.


  • L4Z3RC47L4Z3RC47 Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    pinging this thread as its been a while and is an ongoing issue for installations. Physical hack of blocking the button works for xbox controllers but still a problem for touch controllers
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