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Is there a workaround to download and run an app at the same time?

FlareMWFlareMW Posts: 10
Since there is still no official option to allow apps to download in the background while another app runs, has anyone stumbled across a workaround for this?

I am downloading Feral Rites at the moment, which is taking a little while since it is 10GB. While I'm waiting, I would have liked to have loaded up BigScreen to catch up on some videos but running BigScreen pauses the download.

I have a good system and I regularly have a bunch of things going on at once while on my PC. Even if background downloads were switched off by default, I think a lot of people would appreciate having the option. I also want to download Eagle Flight tonight, but if I start playing Feral Rites, then I can't. It's all just a bit inconvenient.
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