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digitaldigital Posts: 110
Hiro Protagonist

Just tried Medium but am having some performance issues. I'm on a fairly above-spec rig (980Ti) etc but the framerate/judder is really bad. Its like its stuck at 45fps?

Am I doing something or configuring incorrectly? Do I need ASW forced on or something?




  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 359 Oculus Staff
    Hm, should be running fine on that GPU, how much RAM do you have on that machine? Is the juddering happening from boot or only after sculpting significant amounts of material?
  • LiebLieb Posts: 13 Oculus Staff
    @digital Please try it out again with the latest build that went out yesterday. There was a lot of work done on perf in this most recently release. If it's still bad, knowing whether the perf just gets bad sometimes or is always bad (Matt's question above) would be helpful. 
  • digitaldigital Posts: 110
    Hiro Protagonist
    @MattHickman @Lieb ... Sorry for the delay. It was slow straight from the initial load. I'm running a 980Ti with 32GB of ram. Ill try the latest ASAP and let you know.
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