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Getting sick seeing Vive titles promoted on Steam

KingpinxKingpinx Posts: 6
SO I'm a huge Steam user and bought the Oculus Rift last week. I've purchased Eagle Flight etc and now I'm looking at Steam, all I see are 3 and 4 Vive ONLY titles on the front screen. Why isn't Oculus promoted more and is there a way we can play Vive games without Vive controllers? I know Oculus Touch are coming this year but there must be an alternative other than Razer Hydra? 

I went with Oculus because of the keynote speech a few weeks ago and because It sells in "Game". I traded in my Ps4 and Wii U and it only cost £187 to get the Rift.


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,502 Volunteer Moderator
    You can filter your Steam search to show only VR titles that are Oculus compatible. The titles that show as "Vive Only" require motion controllers. If you have Touch (like some devs do), you can play those games on the Rift already. You can also play them if you have Razer Hydra, as you mentioned.

    It's under 6 weeks until Touch starts shipping. Then, everything will be playable on the Rift. Surely there's enough Rift-exclusive content on Oculus Home to keep you busy until then?
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  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 7,597 Valuable Player
    As @nalex66 has said you can view all of the Rift games only. Just go to the Search bar and press Return key, then scroll down and you'll see chack boxes for the Vive and Rift. Just deselect the Vive chackbox and you'll see all of the titles that are available to play with the Rift.
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  • ArticateArticate Posts: 7
    Well, the Vive is made by HTC and Valve, so it's not surprising that Valve wants to use Steam to promote HTC. That being said, luckily, Steam isn't being mean about it. Once we get our Touch, we will be able to use the extra sensor to get room-scale in Steam VR and access room scale steam VR games. They could easily have blocked that off, but while Valve are keen to sell their hardware, they're not creating a gap, which I really like.
  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,278
    On steam there's ~3 times more VR games working with 6D hand controllers then without them, and the best ones worth promoting typically work with 6D hand controllers.
    Articate said:
    They could easily have blocked that off, but while Valve are keen to sell their hardware, they're not creating a gap, which I really like.
    I can grab an HTC Vive game from an unrelated external website, add it into the Steam interface, and play it on my CV1 with my 4 year old Razer Hydra 6D hand controllers...

    In comparison on the Oculus interface I heard using a HTC Vive headset requires a hack, there's no option to add a CV1 game downloaded from an external website, and even less to use my Razer Hydra.

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