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Can't change (now obsolete) contact email address for my Oculus account

S9ROOS9ROO Posts: 5
More a question for Oculus support, than the community...

I've sent off a couple of requests now to Oculus Support (via online support form), as the email address I used to set-up my Oculus account some 18 months ago is now obsolete.  Not an issue as such, as I can still log into my account using the (now obsolete) email address and password.

However, having pre-ordered Touch, I'm obviously finding that I'm getting no email updates, requests for more info, payment, etc...  I've looked everywhere for an option not change the contact email address on the account, to no avail.... and so far (4 weeks and two requests) support have been non-responsive, even though i've provided all the details to facilitate a switch (inc the new email address to use).

If I were a betting man, I'd guess they are simply sending responses back to my (now obsolete) old email address for security reasons... but of course, I can't access that mailbox anymore to check what their advice is - lolol.

Any thoughts from the Community and/or reach out to the Support team directly?  I won't my details here, obviously - but happy to pick up in a PM if that's possible and provided any necessary security credentials (cue 'phishing' PM's lol).

Cheers dears!...  Rick
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