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CV1 External Camera – No drivers for this device?

zedrayzedray Posts: 2

I’m a happy Oculus Rift CV1 user since launch, but now my “Sensor USB” device is not working.

Despite the headset seemingly working as normal, today I was invited by Oculus store to update my USB 3.0 drivers before being allowed to play any games.

I download the updated Asmedia_USB3_V1.16.35.1 for Windows 10 from Asus:

Restarting, Oculus told me it could not detect the Sensor USB.

Checking Windows Device Manager I found this device marked with a yellow triangle. “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)”

I re-ran the Rift setup and got stuck on the “Connect Your Rift Headset and Oculus Sensor”, with “Sensor USB” not completing.

I tried all by USB ports + reinstall of Oculus software had no effect.

Drivers? Hardware issue?  What do I do next?


  • zedrayzedray Posts: 2
    Easy fix from Oculus Support:
    • C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers

    Then run "oculus-drivers.exe" to manually install the necessary drivers.

  • ElReguapoElReguapo Posts: 5
    For me i cant i try it too and try the  appdata , local,oculus, etc.. driver msi ... no work too .......  
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