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Clay Build Up or Layer Tool

Quixotic7Quixotic7 Posts: 26
Brain Burst
I would love a tool that works like the Inflate tool in that it's working off the surface of what you already have, but instead of continuously inflating, it simply adds a layer of clay at a fixed height. The trigger could also be used to change the intensity of the brush. So basically it's like painting on a layer of clay to what is currently there. 

For this brush it would also be nice to have custom alphas you could load in so you could do anything from paint creases, to painting square block of clay, and being able to space it would be nice, so if you say had an alpha of a button, you could space it so if you drag across you get individual buttons, or you could also space it so it's smearing the brush shape. 


  • SeradinSeradin Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    This and just being able to grab and pull the clay out with your hands would be amazing. 
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  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 359 Oculus Staff
    Have you tried using the surface constrain option in the clay tool? It sounds like just what you're looking for!
  • Quixotic7Quixotic7 Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Hey Matt, I did not try the surface constrain option yet. It may be just what I'm looking for. I'll look for that and try it out tonight.

    I also second Seradin's suggestion to be able to grab and move the clay, either to pull clay out or to push clay in. You can kind of do this with the smudge tool in that you can pull clay out, but you can't push it back in. I was trying to model a face, which I can do pretty easily in zbrush, but was finding it very difficult in Medium because I could not grab and move things around to tweak them. If I wanted to make the nose longer or shorter for example, I'd basically have to erase and remodel, and if I wanted to make the whole face shorter now because the nose was shorter, again, I'd have to erase and remodel.  This may be actually technically pretty difficult to do depending on the underlying voxel structure, moving to a new location could mean it needs to be revoxeled and would lose sharpness in the process, but even if damaged some of the details, I'd still be very happy to have such a tool. 
  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 359 Oculus Staff
    Yeah, we have a prototype move tool but we're not quite happy with it yet, something we'll be working on post release but it's definitely on our minds.
  • Quixotic7Quixotic7 Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    I tried out the surface constraint option which is definitely more towards what I wanted, especially if I use one of the long cylinders so it only protrudes a small amount from the surface.

    What I would like is the ability to change the strength of it via the trigger. Right now you can change the size with the trigger, but the strength is always the same. For strength imagine a strength of 1 is a regular cube and a strength of 0 is completely flattened on one axis so it's just a square. 

    I would also like a buildup option, so if you reverse and stroke back over the clay you previously added, the clay is constrained to the new clay. 
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