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CV1 compatible with motive? (Performance breakdown)

Fuby1000Fuby1000 Posts: 18
I`m using OptiTracks "Motive" together with the CV1. Alone both work perfectly, but together both break down. The CV1 gives me a "Poor tracking performance: IMU should be < 2, but it`s at 1050..." error.

I can use it with Unity(using OptiTrack Unity plugin), but errors and crashes remain. 

The CompatTool told my anything but the CPU is perfect. My CPU is a Xeon CPU E3-123-1 v3 and it`s single thread performance exceeds the Intel i5 4590 by a bit. Also remember, it works perfectly as long as I don`t start Motive. 

Any ideas how to fix this?


  • WerkschmiedeWerkschmiede Posts: 21
    This sounds like the WLAN issue. Using both together and on or the other goas in-op. This is a known rift usb protocol Bug. No fix so far.
  • Fuby1000Fuby1000 Posts: 18
    I've managed to get it to work, using 2 PCs. Right now I`m streaming the Motive data to a PC that is actually 100% compatible with the CV1. I receive this data using the OptiTrack-Unity plugin. So is this WLAN issue related to local streaming?
    I thought there might be to much stuff connected to 1 PC, but the CPU usage is actually only at 30%.
  • WerkschmiedeWerkschmiede Posts: 21
    Nice workaround! But i don´t have the money for a second Rift PC :-(

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