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Pushing Dogfooding build 10/31/16

naomi.cornmannaomi.cornman Posts: 190 Oculus Staff

Happy Halloween! 

In honor of our favorite holiday, we're pushing out a new Dogfooding build!

• Medium NUX Sequence! Don’t be surprised when a Medium falls on your head and asks for handedness!
• Menus have been changed slightly in ways we think are easier to use – What do you think?
• A notification system whenever uploading, sharing, etc, as well as when you are approaching critical mass memory usage
• A confirmation system before any destructive actions
• Lots of optimizations and performance improvements! A lot of the hitches when picking options have massively decreased
• Workaround for AMD
• Haptics in Medium
• Language select
• New active layer UI
• Tool tips system is activated – When you hover over an option or button, you’re able to pull up a description that explains that button’s functionality

Fixed bugs
• Exported PNG’s are no longer dark

• Actions after swapping hands in-app causes crashes

Social Media
• As a reminder, posting pictures, spinning gifs, and the like are allowed. Please leave out heavy UI shots and please don't elaborate on features/how it was built. 
• We may grab some of these screenshots occasionally to use them for PR purposes or documentation, asking for your permission.



  • Quixotic7Quixotic7 Posts: 26
    Brain Burst
    Nice update! The update to the Layer UI is really helpful. I also like the haptics in the Radial Tool menu. I would like to feel those haptics on all UI items. I did not like the long vibration when informing me of a notification message, I would prefer something that was maybe like 3 or 2 short vibrations in succession, either growing or decaying in intensity. 
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