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Oculus Rift stand

Andrewe1Andrewe1 Posts: 20
Brain Burst

I noticed that a lot of traffic came from these forums when it was first posted on /r/oculus, thought I would let you guys in this place more of these stands ready to go in case anyone is interested.



  • EbonyknightEbonyknight Posts: 111
    Nice, but it is kinda pointless to get one with Touch, less than a month away.  I doubt there are very many people who have a Rift, but are not getting Touch....
  • SakkuraSakkura Posts: 267
    Nexus 6
    Yeah I've been tempted to buy a Rift stand off Etsy before, but I want something that'll take care of the Touch controllers too.
  • Andrewe1Andrewe1 Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    A touch one will be separate, adding more to this would detract from the design and just make it look clunky.

  • EbonyknightEbonyknight Posts: 111
    Ah, this is your product.  Best of luck to you.  Looks nice though!
  • FunmotionFunmotion Posts: 124
    nice but there are two problems with it

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