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Multiple Reality Game

yubinhydinyubinhydin Posts: 130
edited April 2013 in Showcase
Currently working on a new immersive 3D game, building my own engine from the ground up.

Multiple Reality is:

a game based on 5 different worlds and 3 different game genres.

One world still controlled by MAGIC and fantasy
Other by science and technology, etc.

The game adventure sends you delving into your worlds pass, present, and future. Gathering details, and fighting for artifacts. With the potential to find a way to teleport between the worlds. There are fall backs to finding a way to another world. Unprepared travelers will have to find a way back. (again researching how that world can teleport)

The world of Magic, may or may not be able to maintain science related products. So you have take a laser gun to a Magic world, you may have to find modifications to make your equipment work on that world.

In the same manner teleporting from a magic planet to a science planet that does not believe in magic may cause some problems for the magic oriented characters. They may have to find a way to make the world believe.

This concept is a work in progress.

Also in production is a rebuild of Twilight Lands, a 1990s game by Ice Online, and was solely distributed to the Total Entertainment Network (TEN). TEN.NET (now is no longer since EA bought out Ice Online and TEN.

Oculus could be the niche it needs to get support. If you would like to help with Twilight lands join the project and contact Squid or myself (cyberdoc - on that forum, and yes <-- the game RIFTS is where I got the nickname)
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