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New Oculus? Blank Screen? Orange light? - Here's My fix!

IamCowIamCow Posts: 8
Most everyone knows about the dvi to hdmi solution but this does not work for everyone, so here is the alternative that worked for me : 3 Try a Display Port to HDMI adapter, but not for your rift, plug your display into it instead and use the HDMI port the display was on for the rift, this fixed my issue and the orange light turned white and now everything works as it should : 3 I am not promising this will work and the same should work if you can get a display port cable to your display instead as well, but my situation was that the CV1 wanted the HDMI direct from the card all to it's self Good Luck Rifters!


  • UrppanaUrppana Posts: 4
    I have that problem and I've attached my rift onto a displayport and tried everything. that does sound like a good plan but it really isnt a solution for long term. It is a new rift that I've got and I dont really want to risk wearing my rifts cable so that is why I've got my rift attached on my displayport adapter. however it only is white light when on every time I boot my pc and start oculus home for the first time thats the only time it works. after im done with gaming and decide to close it to save resources and later decide to play again that problem occurs. But nice idea if it works for anyone
  • LJKIVLJKIV Posts: 14
    any updates on this?  I have a similar issue to Urppana .  I'm beginning to believe it is a compatibility issue with the GTX 1080 based on the dozens of similar complaints i've seen.  was able to get the white light for a few seconds by uninstalling and reinstalling oculus, downgrading my gpu driver to an older version and then shutting  down and restarting ....but instantly went back to the same orange light
  • Hanger-HangarHanger-Hangar Posts: 3
    I had something similar on a fresh install on a Laptop, it even highjacked sound but not the display.   Turns out that the installer was able to install all the rift services, but not start them.   So on win10 you can open your taskmanager, get more details, then go to the services tab, find the OVRService to right click it, then stop/start/restart it.
  • CoraDiasCoraDias Posts: 2
    Hi...i am a new user here. It aeems to be a very temporary solution, I have had to redo this several times already. Something triggers the oculus screen to turn black. I think windows is installing the newer drivers automatically. I just used DDU and had to restart the pc, when checking my drivers the latest nvidia drivers were automatically installed.
  • Shorty-CMShorty-CM Posts: 2
    If I change my display configuration from standard multi-monitor to NVidia Surround mode and then try to use the Oculus sometime later I always find the bloody amber light mocking me.  The only way I've found to get it to work again is to reboot.  Gets annoying having to reboot all the time for just that reason, when otherwise the machine would go for weeks without requiring a reboot.
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