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Cannot figure out texture filtering in Gear VR

tejadtejad Posts: 2
We're working on GearVR app. We're building on top of Samsung's GearVRf framework. We're working on simple 360 photosphere viewer. But we're having quality issues because of texture filtering.

Question 1: What is the eye buffer resolution of the oculus360photos app? The source shipped with the ovr sdk seems to be setting 1k x 1k. When we compiled it, the quality seems to be much lower than the version from the oculus store. Are we looking at an older copy of the source or is it mean't just as a sample. Does the app (oculus360photos) from the store use a higher eye buffer resolution?

Question 2: We're using Samsung Galaxy S7 and would like to get a nice 1:1 pixel texel mapping. We have 8k x 4k images. But with 1280 x 1440 eye buffer resolution, all the pixels are being sampled from the 4k x 2k mipmap. The 8k map is not being touched. Based on our understanding, with a 1280 x 1440 screen resolution we would roughly need a 6k x 3k texel resolution. Are we missing something here?

Question 3: It seems texture filtering also varies radially from the direction we are viewing in. Why is this? Why is there a lower pixel to texel ratio at the centre of the lenses compared to the edges? 
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