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I am incrementing, but still get "An APK with this package name and version code already exists."

Chris_WChris_W Posts: 3
Hey there, first post for me.

I am trying to update my Alpha build with a second APK but am receiving the following error:

An APK with this package name and version code already exists. Please increment the version code and then resubmit your update.

My previously uploaded Alpha has a version of 1.0 and version code 1. 

My new Android Manifest has the following:

android:versionCode="2" android:versionName="2.0"
so I have incremented both the version name and the version code but still get the error. Am I missing something?



  • Chris_WChris_W Posts: 3
    So it turns out that you also have to set the version number and code in Unity under Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other. I was just setting the version number in the Manifest XML itself and hadn't heard of this setting in Unity.
  • TAGvideoTAGvideo Posts: 2
    I am having this issue now, I have updated everything OVR, Oculus, Android SDK, Java, Changed version and bundle version.

    Using Unity
    Any thoughts?
  • polka_pandapolka_panda Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Exact same issue here. Incrementing the version number in Player Settings has no effect. Is Oculus interpreting version "0.14" as being older than "0.2" or something?
  • polka_pandapolka_panda Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    edited May 2019
    Yup, that's exactly it. Using version 0.99 (everything else the same) worked.

    So my next version will be 0.999 I guess.
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