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Can't 'Press Start' or 'Press X to continue' in any games with Xbox One bluetooth controller

jonnafunjonnafun Posts: 2

Can anybody help...?

So I got a free Gear VR with my new phone, and it's pretty neat. But one of the reasons I got it was because of the Minecraft VR edition. Didn't know at the time that you need a controller with it, but having already got an Xbox One controller thought it would be ok. Turns out my controller doesn't have Bluetooth, so had to buy another controller.

It's just arrived today and although I can get it to connect to my Galaxy S7 Edge and I can use the buttons on the home screen, I can't seem to get past the 'Press X to continue' screen on Minecraft. I've also tried it on some of the 'Arcade' features like Sonic and Streets of Rage (personal favourite of old!), and when it says 'Press Start' nothing happens when I do.

I've had a look around the t'interweb and can't seem to find anything relating specifically to Xbox controllers and GearVR. Are the button configurations wrong or am I missing something?


  • xWandererxxWandererx Posts: 386
    Did you put any batteries in it?:))
  • jonnafunjonnafun Posts: 2
    Ha, yes I did! It's connected via bluetooth, and I can use it to say press 'B' for the back button or 'A' to select an option, just not X and Start.
  • esalajesalaj Posts: 1
    Was this ever fixed? I have the exact same problem!!!!
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