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Late Night Live Stream Playback of Elite Dangerous: Testing The V Dashboard App

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 303

Late night live stream of Elite Dangerous: The Guardians where I'm testing the open Beta of the V dashboard app. I wanted to see if I could inject the YouTube chat window into my game so I don't have to raise my headset to interact and it worked very well! The V dashboard is awesome for this purpose or for just flying around and watching some YouTube, checking social media feeds or listening to some tunes from Pandora or Spotify. V is now in open beta so if you have an Oculus Rift I highly recommend heading to the link below and getting in on this... especially if you stream videos on YouTube or Twitch.

Join the open beta for V here:

* - Sorry for the abrupt ending... I had some technical difficulties with my Xbone controller █-(
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