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Is MSI GS63VR laptop compatible with Touch controllers?

chiliwilichiliwili Posts: 25
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I have just ordered the GS63VR laptop (FullHD version) to be able to make demos with the CV1, but I read in reddit that there are some issues with the touch controllers and the USB ports for this particular laptop.
I still have not the Touch controllers (I hope they will arrive in 2-3 weeks) but I wanted to be sure they will work with the Touch controllers.
Can anybody share experiences with this laptop?


  • Comic_Book_GuyComic_Book_Guy Posts: 1,212
    .....Touch doesnt use USB so I'm confused by your question. If the Rift and it's sensor/s work, Touch will.
  • chiliwilichiliwili Posts: 25
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    Yes, sorry, the post is not clear. When I said Touch controllers I was referring to the second (and even third) sensor needed to make touch devices work. Every sensor needs a USB 3.0
  • Comic_Book_GuyComic_Book_Guy Posts: 1,212
    edited December 2016
    Actually the third requires a 2.0 port. If you have the ports, I don't see why it wouldnt work. That laptop meets requirements including USB ports. Three USB3 and one USB2 port. It's cutting it close...real close though. Not sure how you'll manage keyboard and mouse and Xbox controller. Perhaps get a type C adapter.
  • chiliwilichiliwili Posts: 25
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    I have just received the Touch controllers this week and tested them with GS63VR with only two sensors connected to the USB 3.0 ports. They work perfectly.
    I don´t think I will order a third sensor since the tracking is quite good with just two sensors and for the demos that it is going to be used.
    Thanks Daddoofly for letting me know that the third sensor is able to work on a USB 2.0 port, but I will not be able to test it.
    So far no need to use Xbox or keyboard when using Touch controllers.
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player
    Actually, all the sensors work in USB2,  a lot of the times more reliably.  You just get a little better tracking with usb3, in theory.  Seems everyone that's tried them in both noticed no difference.
  • eightbitTacoeightbitTaco Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    The sensors are a lot more picky about USB ports than you may think. For my desktop I had to buy a USB 3.0 expansion card with a known working chipset. Glad to hear it worked for you though! Running off of a laptop would be nice when traveling. 

    I was planning to take my mATX rig over to my sister's for this upcoming weekend along with the Rift +Touch. The more I think about it, the less I want to transport all the equipment  :s
    CPU: i7 7700K, GPU: EVGA SC GTX 1070, Mobo: MSI Z270M Mortar, USB: Mobo + Inatec 4 Port Expansion Card, VR: CV1 + Touch + 2 Extra Sensors | Steam Origin Uplay Twitter: eightbitJuan
  • edjns33edjns33 Posts: 1
    I have the gs63vr and it works very well with touch 2 x sensors and touch controlers
  • J-ArcherJ-Archer Posts: 28
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    Hi guys, don't know if this is useful for anyone but i use and have all my rift sensors and rift plugged into it, works fantastic and only takes 1 usb 3.0 on the PC!
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