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My sensor doesn't work properly(CV1)

ajtuiqtajtuiqt Posts: 4

The first time I installed Oculus Home,there's no driver to the sensor and it cannot be detected(the driver is not installed automatically).And My friend send my the driver including 4 files.After installing OCUSBVID.inf my sensor can be detected.

At first it works regularly and the gameplay is in order.But after some time(about 10min) the sensor's light goes dark and it doesn't work.Usually after I plug it in and out for several times or reboot my PC or restart Oculus Rift it begins to work again(the light goes white again).But the same problem just occurs after another 10 minutes.

Since I'm in China and I may not be able to receive the reply at the first time,I'll appreciate it if you can also send me an E-mail after replying directly to my post.


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