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Roomscale setup 11' x 9' Ignore Oculus Sensor setup: for the most part

MaxxgoldMaxxgold Posts: 518
My initial setup plans before Oculus Touch Arrived.

I haven't received the 3rd sensor yet so my setup is just with the 2 front facing sensors.

    I started with the sensor setup, and right away It was giving me the red triangles for the spacing on my sensors. I have them about 7' away from each-other. Since I used the adjustable camera bases, I moved the sensors in to about 6'. Oculus setup liked this configuration and gave me the all green for setup.  The only problem is, that after doing this setup with my sensors moved into 6', I couldn't get Guardian to give me more than a 6' x 6' play space. I have 11' x 9', and I want to get as much of a play-space as I can. 

  So, I moved my sensors back to where I measured them to start with, about 7' apart in the front. I couldn't get the Oculus Setup to give me the all-green, so I just skipped to the next step. On the Guardian setup, with my sensors setup correctly at 7' apart and hanging down from the ceiling, I could easily get the 11' x 9' of my entire play-space. 

    So, if you are going for room scale, you can ignore the sensor setup for the most part. I did and I managed to get my 11' x 9'. Since I only have 2 sensors right now, I just did the setup while facing forward, but like I said, I managed to get the full 11' x 9'.

I'll post more when I setup the 3rd sensor. 


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