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How to see 'Add Left/Right Touch Controller' in Device Settings

mindfulmachinemindfulmachine Posts: 9
I'm super excited to try out Touch. Plugged in the second sensor and opened the Oculus app to find I can't add the Touch controllers from the Settings > Device area. I've tried restarting Oculus software and restarting my computer to no avail. Any suggestions?



  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Go to Settings -> Devices -> Configure Rift -> Run Full Setup (or Add Touch)
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  • mindfulmachinemindfulmachine Posts: 9
    Just tried that and didn't have an option to setup Touch. I also noticed my audio sounded stuttery / clicky / random within the attached rift headphones. :-/
  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Same issue here. @mindfulmachine, you resolve it?
    I just received my touch (consumer edition, ordered two days ago).
    Both sensor are see as "Connected" (usb3 of course).
    I inserted the AA batteries in touch controllers.
    But now? I don't have any "Add Touch" option, and a full setup don't tell anything about touch controllers.
    There is something to click to 'turn on' the controllers? There are at least any led on controllers that notify that are turn on?

    talk about contacting Developer Relations, but i think it's old related to developer versions...

    Please help.
  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Note also if i recalibrate the position, both sensor are showed and used in the "blue-beam" effect. So i'm sure both sensor works perfectly.
  • ClodoClodo Posts: 61
    Hiro Protagonist
    Resolved, an Oculus Software update bring up after some hours.
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