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Problems re-installing latest Oculus software for dk2 under Windows 10

FrithiVRFrithiVR Posts: 1
Dear all,
while all was fine with older Oculus software versions using my Rift DK2 under Windows 10 I just cannot re-install the latest Oculus software.
The former installation was under C:\Program Files (x86) but on a different machine (laptop) it now installs under C:\Program Files.

Anyway, trying to re-install I always get stuck with an error message hinting on a missing c++ redistributable x64 2015 ver 14.0.23506 (see attached pic, please). I dared to attach the latest OculusSetup.log, too

I looked up this forum where Dontzi advised to manually remove installed C++ 2015 installations (New oculust software 1.3 fails during install *My fix*) but this did NOT help, unfortunately.

All this happened as I tried to add the new Oculus touch controllers... what might not work with a DK2.
Does anyone have an idea how to get the software installed? All Ideas welcome and appreciated


  • InLabsInLabs Posts: 3
    did you found any solution?
  • ChoronzonChoronzon Posts: 341
    Nexus 6
    DK2 on W10 should install on C:\Program Files without problems - taking ownership of C:\Program Files could be the answer.
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