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What a time it's been!..%$#&%

SanctionOneSanctionOne Posts: 46 Oculus Start Member
Part of this definitely goes out to CyberReality!   For being one of the best forum leads I've seen in many years.  I completely gave up here, but this is for him....

We had amazing discussions here.  We are an amazing constituency of what VR has been conjuring for many decades!

I for one, am so excited to walk through the front door with you!@#

Let me take you back.....

A once niche community relegated to MTBS3D... where a bright eyed 16 year old fell in love with the idea of making the Matrix real... came into a community for the first time, that didn't think he was crazy.  In fact... our very own Cyber... was the first response to his what would become Kickstarter project, that would lead us to where we are today.

See, it takes people who stand behind the scenes to eventually make anything real.  This community is a huge legacy to the upbringing of VR.  I am back, not so much to support my own endeavors, but those who helped me, only by starting their journey so long ago...

Cyber, thank you so much for not giving up!  I finally received my Touch, after what feels such a long wait and I feel like we are really starting to turn a corner.  I know you have seen it coming long ago, but I want you to know that without people like you, I'm not sure it would have ever happened.

To those with no resources... I know... It sucks.  But..we need you.  Don't give up!  You're not in your best environment now, but you might just create the next one.  Believe, that if you become the best you can be at this...you will one day be undeniable.  

We are the generation that made this happen.  No one can take that from us.  While others dreamed, we did.

I am so proud of this community.  Proud... like a father to his son, you have no limits!

I meet inspiring VR devs everyday and their ambitions make so happy.  It was part Oculus that helped start the fever, but like Cyber... it was the dedication that made it real.  

-Catch me in another reality...



  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Awesome! It's been a fun ride for sure, to see things go from a few eccentrics tossing ideas around on the forum to the huge hype train VR is today. Back then I would have never imagined the industry would come so far in such a short time. Thanks for your support.
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  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,134
    Yeah, I've been waiting for this since I first played with VR back around 1990. Thanks for bringing it back to us :).
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