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Can GeForce Drivers cause Sensor / HMD issues?

ParadiseDecayParadiseDecay Posts: 510
I've had my Oculus for about a month now. For the fist week it was fine, then I started getting Sensor/HMD disconnects. Oculus support was unable to help me and a friend of mine changed all my Win 10 Power settings to off or disabled. After this my Oculus ran flawlessly again.
it's been OK until yesterday, and now the problem is back and my Power settings are still off or disabled. The only updates to my PC have been the new GeForce Driver and the New Oculus update or interface update.

I've now had to contact Oculus support again and I'm at a loss as to the problem.

Any thoughts/ideas?

I'm pulling my hair out and in 2 minds to get a refund, it's been nothing but hassle.
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