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Oculus touch ordered canceled for no aparrent reason

TazX14TazX14 Posts: 29
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So, checked my email and surprise surprise, order was canceled (ordered October 11th) yesterday with no explanation and told to email support. Since I'm abroad I'm unable to order from places like best buy, so I'm now SOL. Right before the holidays, thanks Oculus... And seriously, what kind of hardware company doesn't have a number to call for customer service... I seriously regret buying this device and not getting the Vive in the first place. Every step of the way has just been a struggle with this company for slightly better hardware with infinitely worse PR and customer service...


  • SorkstryparenSorkstryparen Posts: 48
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    edited December 2016
    oo god.. I am sorry.. I really really hope this is not going to happend to me!

    Have you opened a ticket? I did that today because of payment issues with the 3rd sensor and they replyed really fast and the sensor is now about to ship..
  • JensGHJensGH Posts: 1
    Same here. Opened ticket a few days ago - still no answer. Had trouble with Rift Preorder - now with Touch. Getting Touch from Amazon now, because I have no time working out for Oculus how to pay THEM oO. 
  • TazX14TazX14 Posts: 29
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    I got an email from them... says that they haven't forgotten about me and apologized for taking so long. So I get an automated message confirming they received my email then another automated message a few days later saying they're too busy but request my patience in the matter? Thanks for building confidence Oculus... While I understand consumer knowledge and price are big factors into why the hardware hasn't taken off as well as expected, I also feel the reputation they've garnered  through their own actions is another factor holding them back. Their customer service and PR practices are becoming well known for the wrong reasons. I really hope they take a breather after the touch to refocus and reorganize a bit.
  • TazX14TazX14 Posts: 29
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    So... got another email in which they apologized for the delayed response and not for cancelling the order or providing any reason for doing so. Not only that, but instead of trying to correct the issue, provide any support, or anything they just said go ahead and try again and suggested to use Paypal the next time I order. I've contacted my credit card company and the credit card seems to be fine but it seems to be an issue on Oculus' side that they're not willing to take responsibility for.

    Not only that but they haven't offered any information on how long the process will take, an expected date upon which I would receive the controllers, nor any information regarding what will happen to my free games and whatnot due to me ordering it back in October on the first day (rather first hour) of pre-orders. It's sad, but while their hardware is great, their customer service is some of the worst around. They've garnered a reputation for ticking off the those they're supposed to be enticing and I feel like sales are starting to show. I've sent another email to them, even though I'll probably just end up ordering them from somewhere else, in an attempt to receive any further information on what I I'll be receiving and when. Hopefully I receive some sort of confirmation with the next week (as opposed to the 24 hours it says on the website).
  • TazX14TazX14 Posts: 29
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    Final Update! So about a week ago they responded to my questions saying I would still get the free games and whatnot, but they kinda missed the point that since this would be a Christmas gift that it wouldn't matter if I did jump through their hoops as it wouldn't arrive on time. I've decided not to pick them up now, possibly wait till I can find them used somewhere after Christmas, and instead got the PSVR (Had the move controllers and found a good deal for $200 Canadian, which is way less that just the Rift controllers themselves). The wife has been going nuts over Rez infinite and we got to have a sit down test to play it (which she thoroughly enjoyed SSUVR and Battle Zone) and it was alright (While the headset wasn't as nice as the Rift, the games were just as polished and fun surprisingly). We're keeping the Rift like I said, but it's sad that because of yet another unexplained issue with their service, it'll just be collecting dust for a while longer :(. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and I hope you all enjoy your gaming on whichever platform you're on! Take Care!
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