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General Feedback of Dead and Buried for Gunfire Games

SanbornSanborn Posts: 58
Hiro Protagonist

I've been playing Dead and Buried on and off since Monday and I have a few feature requests and UX gripes:

1) Please add the ability to friend people after a match ends or while waiting for one to start. I have met a few cool people already, and my only way of friend requesting is to remember their name and type it into Oculus Home on my monitor later.

2) Please consider adding a singular Quick Join button on the multiplayer mode selection screen that will put you in ANY server with more than 1 person. I have seen countless multiplayer games over the past 20 years release with too many mode choices, and those modes are DOA either because users are overwhelmed or UI placement.. In my opinion the best way this is handled is A) rotate available game modes/maps each month or B) add a universal Quick Join feature.

3) Please do not automatically randomize gametype when a match ends, this is by far the most frustrating thing to playing online this week. People really want to play Shootout, and more times than not the 2nd match is randomized to Horde mode. This should not happen, the gametype should only be changed if the users want it to be.

4) Please replace gamemode randomization and map randomization with a voting system where users can pull gun and shoot what they want to play, OR vote for a Randomize option. Having 1 person act as Leader and handle mode/map selection via lone Randomize button is very year 2000, and not ideal. See Blazerush or popular PC FPS games that feature map/mode selection (Insurgency is a great example)

5) This could just be personal issues, but I find both the shotgun and grenade launcher confusing to reload. I'm trying to snap my wrist back and forth like how the reload animation suggests, but it's not as solid as reloading the standard revolver.

6) Shootout - Bank map has very poor spawn points compared to other maps. Spawning on roof across the street from Bank is basically guaranteed victory if you can avoid gunfire. Two times now I have spawned up there, and just lay waste to anyone that spawns in the bank, instantly.

7) Please lengthen dynamite fuse (slow burn rate) to allow for opponents to pick up the dynamite and throw it back. From size of maps there is little or no time for someone to defend against this.

8) The grenade launcher is very over powered in my opinion. Like point 7, please add timer to explosion and allow someone to pick up the shell and throw it.

9) Horde mode, I may be.....slow.... but I can not figure out an effective way to grab cards at the end of a round to buy a new gun or upgrade. The highlighting seems "off" and I've only managed to successfully do it 2 out of maybe 20 waves I've played. Please add instructions

10) Lastly I have something weird going on with controller tracking. This may not have anything to do with Gunfire or Dead and Buried, but I want to bring it up here. After about 30-60 min of playing I start to notice that both hand tracking will get out of wack. When standing still on a menu screen, I can see both hands start to move outwards (i'm not moving) and then snap back to the correct position. Sometimes the hands will slightly swirl. The good news is that I've been playing Dead and Buried more than all other launch titles, the bad news is I've really only noticed this in Dead and Buried.


  • Greenfire32Greenfire32 Posts: 364
    edited December 2016
    1) AGREE

    2) I can see why this would be wanted, but it's not a big deal for me.

    3) Agreed

    4) If they add more than 4-player support, I'd be for this. But as it stands, 4 players is too little to get a decent sample size when it comes to voting. Remember the old old old Halo 2 days when people didn't vote and we all just sat in the lobby screaming "somebody VOTE"? Yeah we need to avoid that. However the there's also the argument that the same problem is happening with people who are the host and don't know it.

    "Host, start the game!" is already happening, so we need some kind of beeping to let the host know that people are waiting on you.

    5) That's because you don't flick your wrist from side to side like you do with the revolvers. To reload the shotgun & grenade launcher, flick your wrist down and then up and NOT from side to side.

    6)Yeah there's a couple maps I've found that are guaranteed losses (looking at you Saloon) if you're on the wrong spawn sides.

    7) Not only is this a good idea for defensive purposes, but it also means that if you want to remove your opponent's ability to throw it back, you'll have to "cook" it yourself. Which means you can only hold one gun for longer and you might blow yourself up.

    8) Disagree. I think the grenade launcher is working 100% as it should.

    9) Just need to get closer to them.

    10) Probably a sensor issue or (more likely) you're not standing in front of them the way you should be after 30ish mins because of all the moving around you do.  This happens to me and until I get a sense for where I am without being able to see where I am, I suspect this will continue to happen.
  • SanbornSanborn Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    Green fire I'm doing the grenade and shotgun reload exactly like you described, just doesn't seem reliable.

  • HoIIywoodHoIIywood Posts: 322
    For number seven, no do not let the dynamite be thrown back. This is a terrible archaic concept started years ago and made popular by Call of Douches type games. 9/10 times you would never grab a live projectile and try to throw it back like you were in Die Hard or something.

    And on number nine, when grabbing things, try to reach behind or under them a bit rather than in front of. 

    I like your ideas about adding people..sadly the Oculus social system(not that I want to talk to people on the internet....) is not very thought out or inclusive. 

    Could you answer a question- do you see the Invite and Friends text at the top left?
    Is Invite in green and Friends in white?
    Does it show 100% of the time or only when you look up there?
    Do you shoot the text to use the feature?

    Mine is glitchy. It goes away at random and when I shoot nothing happens. 
  • SanbornSanborn Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    You shoot the names to invite.
  • HoIIywoodHoIIywood Posts: 322
    Where do you see the names? Do you have to shoot either 'invite' or 'friends' to bring up a list of names?
  • SanbornSanborn Posts: 58
    Hiro Protagonist
    Nope, when friends are online their avatars show up underneath Invite (if they invited you) or Friends if they are eligible to be invited.
  • HoIIywoodHoIIywood Posts: 322
    Thanks Sanborn that makes more sense. Sadly none of the friends show up. We will try reinviting.
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