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Unable to purchase the Touch launch bundle

dr_benchidr_benchi Posts: 2
So I'm unable to purchase the Touch launch bundle from the store. I opened a ticket with Oculus support about it four days ago but still haven't gotten a response.

If I try to purchase it (from the desktop, inside Home or through a browser) I just get the (very unhelpful) error message
"Something went wrong. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can."

I can purchase and download other titles with no problem, it's just the Touch bundle.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Is there any way to get Oculus support to actually respond to my ticket?
I'm taking delivery of my Touch controllers today and I was really looking forward to playing some of the games in the bundle (especially The Climb and SUPERHOT).


  • dr_benchidr_benchi Posts: 2
    Right after posting this Oculus support got in contact to let me know that I'm still in the queue to get support. The launch of Touch has left them pretty backlogged.

    Still, if anyone else has had this or a similar issue, let me know!
  • Kamu2040Kamu2040 Posts: 1
    Hi guys

    I have the same issue with Oculus Touch Launch Bundle. Unable to purchase it while I could purchase other games.
    Something bmust be wrong on the backend. I'm opening a ticket too.

    Other than that, I find the Touch being great, what do you think?
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