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Rescuties - Underrated Gem

HanoverHanover Posts: 549
edited December 2016 in Games and Apps
I ended up getting Rescuties tonight and played it for about an hour.  This has to be one of the awesomely politically incorrect games I've ever played.  

The overall gist of the game is you are catching babies and animals (and sometimes life preservers and parachutes and pizza and hamburgers) and throwing them into the correct places (ambulances, parents, people in helicopters and life boats, etc.) 

The level that made me giggle the most was where you are in the back of a truck driving behind a bus that is late. The bus is so late that that you have to catch babies being thrown out the back as it drives through a neighborhood of houses.  It just can't stop! That's how late it is!  :)

After you catch them, you have to throw them to their "matching" parents along the side of the road and toss them to their awaiting parents standing in front of the houses.  What I mean by matching, is their skin color.  LOL.  Black goes to black, white goes to white and the mixed parents are happy to accept any baby.  :)

There are other levels like having to rescue pets being thrown out of a tree by a fireman.  Another level had me on a truck next to a runaway train... I made it through eight stages and there had yet to be a repeat.  It's not bad for $9.99 and the replay-ability is through the roof as you unlock different elements that get added to the game.  There's even a mode where you pull a slot machine lever and it picks three elements to add to each level.  For example, I landed on giant mode so that the whole world was bigger and it made the babies heavier and harder to throw.  

Seriously folks, this mimics the weird arcade games in Japan perfectly.  

What's great about it is that the catching and throwing feels so natural.  Seriously, I was catching those babies underhand, over hand...and pitching them in all sorts of ways.  Sometimes you have to catch twins.  :)

Anyways, highly recommended.  Oh, and here's a hint.  Kiss each baby before you throw them and you'll get bonus points...
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