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xxjohan92xxxxjohan92xx Posts: 2
It seems that the touch is not recognizing my hands, once im in the oculus menu i dont see my hands with the remote, only when i press a button it seems to recognize it for that second and it vibrates but then it goes away, if i keep holding the botton it vibrates continuously as if its recognizing it every second. is there a way to reset them or do I have to exchange them, I spend like 3 hours trying to fix this.
I saw something online about plug ins, maybe something is preventing it from recognizing it.
BTW i tried it on steam and it worked perfectly, maybe thats the problem?? anyone help??


  • xxjohan92xxxxjohan92xx Posts: 2
    Ive also made a youtube video tittled "Oculus Touch ERROR (not recognizing hands)" if anyone want to see how the controllers react. Hopefully support team will look at it 
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