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Mutliplayer games thread. Google sheet for game list, player/friend information and Steam group

HoIIywoodHoIIywood Posts: 326
edited December 2016 in General
Multiplayer game listing and friends/contact Google sheet**:

**Considerations for amending the Google Sheet:
  • If you enter text into a field that expands over into another column - please click into that box then at the top of the menu, select Format > Text Wrapping > Wrap
  • Try to keep to some standard that matches others time zone and availability where possible. We'll clean it as we go

Reddit Oculus forum :

Reddit page for weekly events:

Unofficial contact/friends megathread : as we look to consolidate the various posts on this subject.

Steam group :

Note for any one whom knows any developers working on VR games - find out if they've submitted their project /game for approval on Humble Bundle. 

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