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HordeZ with Touch

EliteSPAEliteSPA Posts: 1,560
Project 2501
edited December 2016 in Games and Apps
Good news for all Oculus owners! HordeZ is now available on Oculus Home and has native support for the Xbox controller and Rift. On December 12th when the touch launches we will add support for Touch as well. Due to Oculus policies we can't add this support until then, don't ask us why! 

As always, enjoy!

Source: Steam

What policies is he talking about? Where is the game in home? 
I will test it when Im back home, last time didnt work.
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  • arttekarttek Posts: 101
    Pretty sure they mean from the Oculus portal, where you buy Rift games and such. Have you checked to see if the Touch controls are working? Or if their game has an auto update for it? Been holding back from buying this game because Touch wasn't implemented yet. 
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