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Gear VR player freezes with S7 after inactivity

Craig360Craig360 Posts: 1
Hello all!  I am working with a client to provide a VR tradeshow experience using a Gear VR (black) along with 360 videos we shot of their product.

Initially, I used the Gear VR with my Note 5.  I loaded the mp4 files directly into the Note 5 to play the videos through the Oculus player, Samsung Gallery, and with an Oculus ap called Moon Player VR.   I used the Moon VR app in testing because I was able to easily select a video, hand the device to a guest who could watch the video as I passed it along.  Even after inactivity (as much as 10 minutes) when I would put the Gear VR back on, it would resume where I left off.

With this testing, my boss purchased an S7.  I used the same process to load videos and view using player apps.  The video plays fine initially and while handing it off.  But after inactivity (as little as 1 minute) I put the Gear VR back on, and the video plays for a few seconds and completely freezes at that vantage point.  Whenever I turn to look in another direction, the perspective does not change.

I've attempted to clear cache, force stop the apps, reinstall and uninstall all VR apps, but the problem persists.  I'm concerned about using this for a tradeshow if the freeze problem occurs after inactivity.  I don't want our clients to have to troubleshoot this every time it happens.

Can anyone provide any possible approaches to resolve this issue that I haven't already?  I've browsed on Google and through these forums and did not see anyone else having this issue.  Thanks and have a nice week!


  • AdamsImmersiveAdamsImmersive Posts: 166
    Hiro Protagonist
    Same problem here, with Galaxy S7. Whenever we put the headset back on after even a short break, it's fine for a few seconds then freezes. Take off the headset for a moment (proximity sensor makes screen go dark) and you're again fine for a few seconds when you try again.

    It's necessary to force quit the app between every attendee of the event! (This is with Unity 5.5 BTW.)
    Mac OS XUnity
  • davedubdavedub Posts: 4
    Same problem here, Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 8. The interesting part is that it only happens on one of my scenes. The big difference with the affected scene is that the user's camera position is animated. In the other scenes where the user's camera is static there is no problem taking off and putting back on the GearVR.

    Sadly, we are reduced to putting tape over the sensor inside the GearVR as a workaround for now!
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