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Do htc vive games work on touch?

jharper287jharper287 Posts: 6
How many HTC vive games work on touch?


  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,158
    All the ones I've tried work, but I've had problems with centering at game startup and Vive-specific UI. The most common issue is games that use the trigger for 'grab', which used to be fine with the Vive because the grip buttons were useless, but feels completely wrong with the Rift.

    However, I have a heck of a time getting SteamVR to work.
  • CharlieHobbesCharlieHobbes Posts: 555
    SteamVR works for me, until it suddenly doesn't
    I get error 300 a lot, sometimes it helps if I start SteamVR as administrator, other times I have to uninstall and reinstall SteamVR. 
    (which is annoying because I end up having to do room setup again)

    Most games work with both the Rift and with touch, but as Edmg mentions, there are some issues when the game just maps the Vive wants to your Touch controllers.

    The games that actually accomodate Touch do not have this issue, even on Steam.

    Overall I am a very big Steam fan and have collected hundreds of games over the years in Steam, as far as games I want to play on the Rift goes, I actually prefer buying them in Oculus Home for a better experience. 

    Additionally I don't feel bad about supporting Oculus as they did kickstart the VR we enjoy today. 

    It should be quite some time until 2nd Gen and by then we will know what's what.

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