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*UPDATED* I was experiencing shaking and "resets" using 3 sensors. I was able to resolve by ...

coderzerocoderzero Posts: 13
edited December 2016 in Support
I have a fairly small area 5'x5'. My initial sensor setups all gave me troubles, Some appeared to work but I would experience what I can be describe as resets in the tracking and complete tracking lose of touch controls (floating hand followed by reset, or shaking etc..) The HMD would also periodically reset. Most of these issues started happening when I started using my third sensor. My initial setup was very close to what is described in the experimental 3 sensor document. Obviously I changed the proportions a bit to better fit my area. I had the front two sensors about 5 feet apart and the 3rd sensor was ~10' in front and 1' to the left of the right sensor. All sensors were setup at the exact same elevation and angled downward. This was the semi final setup that yielded "ok" results, I would still get hmd and hand tracking issues and it was extremely annoying. 

I had tried several different configuration before this but all would give me tracking errors in certain spots, my goal was to get a small area to work flawlessly with the understanding that beyond those bounds I would run into issues, but playing games like Arizona Sunshine with this type of setup is fine because you can just teleport around to where you need to go. 

The Final sensor positioning that ended up working for me was have 3 sensors form a triangle around my area. Each sensor is 8' apart now, with one sensor at 9', its important to note that one sensor is now only 3 feet of the ground. All pointed towards the center of my play area. 

I think my problem was because my two "front" sensors ( as shown in the experimental setup) were just too close together. The distance from sensor to sensor was about 5' in most of the setups I tried. 

The reason I am posting this is because I've seen people reporting similar issues and I'm hoping that by posting this I can help someone that finds themselves in a similar position. I know most here that are experiencing issues have tried a bunch of setups already but maybe haven't tried spacing the sensors out further to see if that would help.  I'll try to post some pictures once I am able. 

Update 1: Issues returned.
Update 2: Appears to have been caused by extension cable I was using on the far sensor. I was using a 3.0 extension cable I found recommended on some other thread. Issues seem to have cleared up... for now. I'll report back with any new findings.
Update 3: Same issues, I've attached some fresh logs to see if anyone can offer any help. I contacted support already and provided them with fresh logs as well.  Not sure what else to do at this point. 
Update 4: I contacted oculus support and I'm going through the process to see if they can offer any additional help. I did notice the following though. If I don't have the oculus touch controllers active (no hands in home vr) then I have zero tracking issue turning around, looking wherever, etc... The second I introduce the touch controllers that's when the simulation begins to destabilize. 


  • jayhawkjayhawk Posts: 824
    well I think many like me are also skipping past the part in initial setup that wants them 6' apart, warning that the sensors might not work properly.
  • coderzerocoderzero Posts: 13
    edited December 2016
    Updated main post. Is it possible to delete this one?
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