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Viewing my own non panoramic 3D stills.

rendermannrendermann Posts: 2
Hello everybody. I have struggled trying to find an answer about viewing my own 3d stills. I render a lot of 3d content from 3ds max and I haven't found a way to put my still stereoscopic images in the appropriate folders in order to view them with my gear vr. 
There are great 3d panoramic samples in the samsung gallery, but how to view your own? Every time I  want to view them they just display both eyes in the same flat image. It has only an option to view in panoramic or 360 mode.
Thanks in advance 


  • martinezjmartinezj Posts: 2
    @rendermann , I'm looking for the same solution.  Any luck on this?
  • SteveFury61SteveFury61 Posts: 6
    I produce similar 3d renderings. I have to hold my phone in the visor with my hand, leaving it unplugged.

    Not really an optimal solution but it suffices. 

    They really need to produce an oculus app. 
  • kavangekavange Posts: 21
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    edited March 2017
    Does Oculus 360 Photos not work for this? I can view my 3d panoramas taken with cardboard camera just fine. Otherwise try Samsung VR or Deo VR
  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 5,002 Valuable Player
    People have asked for this since Gear VR first came out.  The best answer i saw was to make a 3d video of the pics and watch that.
  • kavangekavange Posts: 21
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    I feel like I viewed 3d photos in many apps. Anyway, try SideoloadVR if you really cant find an app on the oculus store. Like for example the app named "Stereo Image Viewer".
  • SteveFury61SteveFury61 Posts: 6
    Looks like 3d still support was to be added to the Oculus photo app more than two years ago????

    Converting a still photo to a movie does work but not a solution due to file size

    Currently, Samsung sells a 3d headset which can't view a 3d photo. 
    Pretty lame. 
  • kavangekavange Posts: 21
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    edited March 2017
    I found that Vtime supports stereo sbs images but it's really a social app so it's a bit complicated. You have to register then upload the images you want to share from the library and then go into the "the archive" destination and you can show the images. I just tried it with some sbs images and it worked fine.

    Vtime is available in the Oculus store.

  • mat1photomat1photo Posts: 1
    edited September 3

    For converting MPO files (or other 3D still image formats) for the Oculus, I found this to work perfectly - Search for and download StereoPhoto Maker for Windows (Muttyan's Home Page). This gem of an app has been around for a number of years and continues to be updated on a regular basis. The app is very powerful, but for simplicity here - 

    Open the app on your Windows PC

    Click File and select Multi-conversion.

    Browse to the folder where you are storing your MPO files.

    Select as many as you wish to convert. Specify an output folder - there are options to prefix your new filename if you wish.

    Select “VR180 Oculus” as your output file type. Then click convert all.

    The app can auto-align - this is optional, but it can improve the finished 3D image. - Select Flat Projection.

    When this is done, copy the files over to your Oculus.

    Now you can access them with Oculus Gallery or Oculus TV.

    Good luck.

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