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Temp Way To See Reference Images

nickzuccnickzucc Posts: 76
Hiro Protagonist
Go into Medium, take a few photos, find them in this area C:\Users\yourName\Documents\Medium\Photos\yourName and then open the .png files in Photoshop and replace the image with one of your reference images, save the file. 

Now go into Medium and load your pictures. If you go in and inspect the photo you will get a larger view of the photo. You will  have to use the red home button (my left controller) to pull up and take down the image.

I know this isn't a true way to view reference image, but it could help until the real deal comes along.


  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,042 Poster of the Week
    You, sir, are a genius!

  • nickzuccnickzucc Posts: 76
    Hiro Protagonist
    Ha...nah....I was just like...humm...let's try this out. I tried making a custom .asset file for my images, didn't work so I just went with the easiest method. Someone way smarter than me could prob make a custom .asset file. :)
  • TwoJumpsTwoJumps Posts: 3
    Do we know if medium (and quill) have any plans to let you map an image onto an object? Would solve the reference image problem and would be brilliant for lots of other things.  
  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,401 Valuable Player
    This is a great idea, I will try this tonight! :)
  • KevinNoone3DKevinNoone3D Posts: 1
    Why does it not surprise me that I'd run across you on this site Nick!  Would love to see the work you're doing with Medium.   Was looking for a good way to pull up reference, not ideal but could work for now.  (The other thing I want is to pump in netflix video to a large plane in the distance beyond my sculpts so I can work while watching movies!)  Someday...   for now I want snapping, better pressure control, snapshotting of the transforms...  but holy crap is Medium cool.  Going to get it up and running for our art dept. here to see how it could help us in production possibly.
  • cybernettrcybernettr Posts: 627
    I tried it and it works! You can do the necessary prep work in MS Paint.
  • nickzuccnickzucc Posts: 76
    Hiro Protagonist
    @KevinNoone3D, very cool to see you here as well. Yeah I think the biggest advantage of possibly using Medium in a production environment is the immediate understanding of scale and gesture. If your team is developing for VR I think this would be a great 3D concepting tool. You could get your scale relationships working in VR immediately, get art direction feedback and when final approval is done then you can spit out 3D template to move over to your 3D modeling and digital scouting packages. I'm really starting to believe that tools like Medium and Quill will really have a big effect over the concept and preproduction phases. (I have some of my sculpt posted on this page Have fun! :)
  • tomofnztomofnz Posts: 3
    I'm just reiterating the steps because I wasn't familiar with the menus. I found "Now go into Medium and load your pictures" needed more info ... it took me a minute or so to figure it out though, so thanks.
    • In Medium, press Home button on R-Touch controller, press the Photo icon (in the tray) and take a snapshot (any will do).  Close Medium.
    • In windows go to: C:\Users\yourName\Documents\Medium\Photos\yourName
    • replace the latest snapshot .png with your reference .png (rename yours to the existing one and overwrite)
    • Back in Oculus press Home again, then look to the menu on the left.  Click Photos and you'll browse those you've taken, which should include the one you overwrote.  Highlight it to get a bigger thumbnail.
    • R trigger in space to resume sculpting, and keep toggling Home to refer to the picture.
    Feedback for Oculus developers:

    Adding a unique folder for referene repository would be handy.
    In future, hopefully multiple references can be placed in the world like panels. Hopefully they can be continually present, perhaps with a dimmer and a draggable scale handle on each corner.


  • soulburn3dsoulburn3d Posts: 2
    Great tip! One last little note, if you just replace the premade image file with your own file by renaming (rather than opening it in photoshop and replacing the image there), make sure your image file is the same aspect ratio as the original file, or else you get stuff cropped off in medium.

    - Neil
  • johnboyjrjohnboyjr Posts: 62
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited December 2016
    i still do not get how to load photos, can some one help

    ok i got it i was going to oculus home thanks
  • bananapunkbananapunk Posts: 9
    i figured out how to put references in, read this thread

  • romanguroromanguro Posts: 7
    Back in Oculus press Home again, then look to the menu on the left. Click Photos and you'll browse those you've taken, which should include the one you overwrote. Highlight it to get a bigger thumbnail.

    Didn't get it :( There is no Photos menu on the left, it's on the right side now. I see my ref pic there, but I can't hold it on my left hand.

  • VideoheadsystemVideoheadsystem Posts: 1
    Anyone have a link to where they talk about the progress on adding reference image support? 
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