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Anime and VR

cero490cero490 Posts: 204
Nexus 6
edited December 2016 in General
I have no real idea how many Rifters here are also anime fans, but I know I've at least not seen any posts like this so I thought I'd add it...
Anyways, ANIME in VIRTUAL REALITY! This isn't so much of an are you doing it as it is an are you aware there already exists a Steam group for anime fans to meet up in VR using BigScreen to watch and talk together?
There is also a Discord server here for the group:


  • WarblokeWarbloke Posts: 931
    edited December 2016

    Id love to join but this big tentacle monster has just grabbed me just as I got out the shower all naked and stuff and, and, and.... is trying to...

    wait... what's the difference between anime and hentai again exactly ?

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  • eskimobilleskimobill Posts: 8
    I will gladly join that group I watch a lot of anime and one of my fav moments in VR was watching sao in big screen with a bunch of random people 
  • eightbitTacoeightbitTaco Posts: 67
    Hiro Protagonist
    These sorts of social experiences have been some of my favorites, although I've found it hard to find a group to do this with. I usually end up hopping from room to room until I find some cool people.

    I don't watch anime nearly as much as I once did, but I may have to give that group a look.
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  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    We welcome all anime fans; whether you prefer subs or dubs, manga or hentai instead (@Warbloke lol), and are binge or very casual watchers. Anyone interested should definitely join in the fun, and if there are any fans of Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) - well, that's what I'm re-starting soon-ish.
  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    New comment so new people can see this :P
  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    Another comment so this does not get totally lost haha'
    Also wanted to throw it out there that VR is needed to watch together, however, we'd still love more anime fans even without a Rift, Vive, etc. for epic discussions, news sharing and making cool and random otaku friends! Come anime with us! :smiley:
  • greenguy91greenguy91 Posts: 1
    Hey, can you post a new invite list for the discord? I'd love to join the group. I just discovered how great anime is in VR and would love to watch/talk about it in groups
  • cero490cero490 Posts: 204
    Nexus 6
    Here is an updated link: 
    Anyone interested, be sure to check this great group out!
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