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Exporting Quill drawings to Unreal

darknoondarknoon Posts: 5
Hi devs, I am interested in putting some drawings made in quill into Unreal. I tried exporting a very simple scene as .fbx and .abc and neither one imported properly into Unreal. The .fbx was close to working but none of the colors came thorugh whereas the .abc crashed Unreal when I imported it.

I understand the intent is to allow content creation for VR with Quill, so I must be missing some better way to :smile:


  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Hey darknoon!
    Alembic is definitely the heavily tested path by us at the studio and carries all of the necessary data. We ended up writing our own custom alembic importer as the current implementation didn't exist at the time. As such - we haven't tested Quill with the current built-in UE4 alembic importer (and Quill-->FBX-->Unreal has only been used like.....twice).

    I would suggest running your alembic file through something like Maya and seeing if you can save something out that UE4 doesn't crash on. In the meantime - I would suggest reporting this as a bug to Unreal as there's zero reason it should straight up crash.

    Additionally - I'll add this to our QA testing path as I imagine this will be a source of heavy usage in the future.
  • darknoondarknoon Posts: 5
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the reply and pointing me towards the alembic format. I don't own Maya, but I downloaded a trial of Maya LT to test it out.

    It's giving me an error "Unrecognized file type" when I try to open the .abc file I generated from Quill. Do I need to use a plugin of some sort to be able to import into Maya?
  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    Unfortunately I don't have a Maya license anymore so I can't double-check the process, BUT, this hopefully will have the steps you need:

    Though I'm curious if Maya LT might not have all the features?
  • mischaubmischaub Posts: 2
    I just imported quill alembic file to Maya - this works fine along the track mentioned, but unfortunately all the color info gets lost. Any idea what to do about this? Or could you not publish the file importer that you wrote - I regard this truly as a part of the quill package, as this is a functionality you offer - but what does an export help without an import?- 
    Perhaps I sound a bit frustrated, but this is just because you made me so incredibly happy with quill, and now I want to go ahead! 

    Kind regards
  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    The color information is embedded per-vertex. You should be able to pipe this data fairly easily into a surface shader. I hope to put a few tutorial videos together over the next month explaining the process.
    I just watched Dear Angelica. I suspect that very soon this thread is going to fill up with requests for those tutorials. Every VR studio in the world is about to be inundated with requests for development "in the style of Dear Angelica." 
  • phoenixviewVRphoenixviewVR Posts: 2
    Ha! I also just watched Dear Angelica, and the next thing I did was a search for "Quill to UE4." Any help or tutorials for a workflow would have infinite scalability of my appreciation. :)
  • AutoRockDCAutoRockDC Posts: 3
    +1 on this -- I'm using Quill to work on narrative short films, and need to import my models into Unreal for more control over the camerawork.

    Currently, I haven't been able to successfully import ANY FBX or Alembic exports from Quill into Unreal. It always crashes. 

    Any tips? Preferably ones that don't require a $3000 Maya license, which I do not have ;-) Maybe Blender could work?
  • JohnsonRodJohnsonRod Posts: 2
    Try bringing it into blender and then exporting it from blender as an fbx.

    I noticed that the quill .fbx file wouldn't go into cinema 4d r16, only r18, so it might just be something about the way the fbx's data is setup.
  • joedanimationjoedanimation Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    For those trying to open an Alembic file in a 3D program to try to pass to a game engine, I recommend opening the Alembic in Blender (which is free).  You can then export it as an .fbx for Unreal.  I've had the most luck with this workflow for even just getting files from Quill to Sketchfab.  Alembic files converted to .fbx from Blender seem to work better for me even in Maya than the .fbx files export from Quill.
  • JavierVerdugoJavierVerdugo Posts: 3
    edited April 2017
    Hi, I am waiting for the oculus to arrive at home. Meanwhile I would like to know, how is the mesh created in quill? I am assuming that the geometry is generated by triangles, Is it correct? 
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