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Oculus TrayTool - SuperSampling profiles, HMD disconnect fixes (hopefully)

ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 281
Nexus 6
edited October 22 in General
Hi all!

UPDATE 10/23
Heads up! The new version is coming along nicely, albeit slowly due to the usual stuff that clogs up my life.
Working on a AudioSwitcher fix, improved voice recognition, improved game launch detection, general stablity improvemennts and more.
Anyone who is up for helping out testing these and other things are more than welcome to ping me in a PM here on the forums or drop
me a note at [email protected]

UPDATE 10/17
I'm aware that some users are experiencing issues with the AudioSwitcher. I have a fix in progress and will be sending that out as a beta for testing soon.
I am also doing a lot of tweaks to the code to make it faster and more reliable overall. So stay tuned for more!

UPDATE 09/25
One of thse issues i've had with OTT is the inability to run it under a normal user account. This is due to the OculusDebugTool needing more permissions, or actually, different permissions depending on the command issued. I think i may have finally solved this, thanks to @md59 pointing me in the right direction, and also doing the inital testing along with @MarkedOne. I'd like to get some more testing done on this, so anyone interested in testing the latest beta, just drop me a PM here on the forums or ping me at [email protected] Again, big thanks to @md59 and @MarkedOne for helping out with this!

UPDATE 09/05
Version 0.84.0 is here. Grab it from
Zip package for those who want that instead:
Wow.. That took a long time to get done. But now it's here, hope you guys find it useful. The new Steam Import feature is currently in Beta as it needs a bit more testing. As usual, please report any issues to me here on the forums or drop an email to [email protected] The Steam Import feature was implemented by the awesome @headkaze and i highly recommend checking out his site over at for more cool stuff. I changed the dropbox link to be a direct download as some browsers have issues with displaying the download button. Also linking directly to the .exe installation file instead of the .zip. This has to do with the new autoupdater, it was just cleaner to have that download the .exe instead of a .zip.

Changelog version 0.84.0

- Fixed an issue that could cause Windows to not shutdown/restart properly when OTT was running.
- Fixed an issue where multiple profiles with the same launchfile (DCS.exe for example) would cause OTT to hang on startup.
- Fixed an issue where the GUI could end up off screen. If a negative position is detected the GUI position
  will be adjusted to center screen.
- Fixed a first-run error about a missing database table which would cause OTT to hang on first launch.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Oculus library paths to not be properly retrieved from the registry.
  Many thanks to @zissakos for the code.
- Added option to apply power plans either on OTT start/exit or Oculus Home start/exit.
- Improved the auto-updater. Big thanks to @headkaze for helping out with that one.
- @headkaze has also added his Steam import feature to OTT! Huge many thanks for his hard work on that one!
  Make sure to visit his site and check out his other cool stuff.
- Added 1.0 as SS value to Profiles
- Added 1.0 as SS value to Global
- Added options to delay setting CPU Priority and ASW. Seems like some update to Oculus now causes ASW settings
  to fail if applied too soon. So this change will let you tweak that per profile so ASW can be applied properly.
  Use the "ASW Status" overlay (Visual HUD dropdown) to check ASW status and see if it is applied properly.
- BETA Feature: Added @headkaze's Steam Import feature for bulkimporting Steam games. HUGE MANY thanks for all his
  hard work on this one. Make sure to visit him over at for more cool stuff.
  This feature might need a bit more testing, please report any issues to me using the forum or [email protected]

UPDATE 07/29
Progress on the new version is going, but it's going slow due to many factors. Stuff just keeps happening that needs my attention and there's not a whole lot i can do other than to just deal with it. But, a new beta has been sent out. It has new stuff. It has fixes. It will come along soon(-ish). Sorry for keeping you all waiting, i'm still here =)

UPDATE 03/13
Version 0.83.1 is here. Grab it from
Note: The download button is located in the right corner, and it might take a second or two for it to appear.
The message saying the file cannot be previewed is nothing wrong. It's a .zip file and the preview feature
of dropbox does not handle those kinds of file.

Changelog version 0.83.1

- Fixed an issue where Global ASW was not set when OTT started with the Oculus service down.
- Fixed an issue caused by apps with ' characters in their names.
- Fixed an issue where "Show Removed 3rd Party Apps" did not list anything, and after unchecking the box
  no apps where visible in the Library unless you moused over them.
- Fixed an issue with re-enabling removed 3rd party apps. This feature should now work again.
- Fixed AudioSwitcher not working as expected (hopefully).
- Increased visibility of newly created/edited profiles in the list.
- Hopefully improved the loading of the Profiles list a bit.
- Added option to manually set Library path if it cannot be retreived from the registry.

Currently tracking the following issues in 0.83. Fixes will be in 0.83.1. Anyone experiencing any of these issues just holler at me
and i will get you a beta to test.

- ASW and Visual HUD was not set properly if OTT starts with the Oculus Service down - FIXED
- Apps with ' characters in their names caused a crash in the database reader - FIXED
- Ticking "Show removed 3rd Party apps" did not list anything. Unticking it caused the library to look empty, and only show apps on mouseover - FIXED
- Re-enabling removed 3rd party apps does not work - Fix in testing
- AudioSwitcher sometimes fail to reset audio/mic - Fix in testing

UPDATE 02/17
Version 0.83 is finally here. Grab it from
Sorry for the wait, was a lot of stuff to get sorted. There are probably still some things that needs tweaking,
so don't hesitate to PM me or post your findings in this thread. HUGE thanks to all who have helped out
testing the beta and finding bugs!

Changelog version 0.83.0

- Fixed an issue where games/apps that have the same DisplayName or launchfile where not visible in the Library.
  If a game has a .exe as DisplayName, for example "vrserver.exe", the DisplayName will be set to the actual
  launchfile without the .exe. This should help to find the correct games when assigning profiles.
- Fixed an issue where the Oculus Service did not stop when "Stop Oculus service when tool exits" was selected.
- Fixed an issue that would cause OTT to not start if the third-party icon page on Reddit was not reachable.
- Changed how profiles are created. You now right-click or double-click an app in the list to set the options.
- Changed how Power Plans are selected and applied.
- Added "Set Power Plan on Exit" option.
- Added a 5s delay before applying CPU Priority to the running app to avoid issues.
- Added a 5s delay before starting Home when "Start Oculus service when tool starts" is also selected.
- Moved all settings from config.xml to application internal settings. Current settings will be migrated automatically.
- Moved all Profiles from config.xml to a SQLite database. Current Profiles will be migrated automatically.
- Added GUI option to use Debug Tool shipped with OTT (should never be needed but option is there anyway).
- Added GUI option to set Oculus Library paths in cases where they cannot be located in Registry.
- Added option to reset all settings to Default.
- Added option to remove all Profiles.
- Added option to manually check for updates.
- Added option to not require Oculus Home to be running. Ticking this box will start the game monitor immediately.
- Added option to always disable power management on Sensors, instead of only manually once PM was detected as enabled.
- Added right-click option to Library and Profiles windows to hide third-party apps.
- Added support of Oculus App 1.22
- Added support for multiple library locations introduced in Oculus App 1.22
- Added Timer as detection method. Use this if the standard WMI method does not seem to work for a perticular app.
  The Timer option is what OTT used in the past and it is more CPU intensive, but more accurate that WMI.
- Added option to create and edit profiles from the Library view.
- Added option to launch app from the Library and Profiles view. Since OTT then controls the app start this method should ensure
  that Super Sampling is applied if the application supports changing Pixel Density (not all apps do).
- Added option to launch app with custom launch options from the Library and Profiles view.

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  • z1rconiumz1rconium Posts: 2
    Interesting. Now if only Oculus would add ASW settings to the CLI, would be helpful as I have the feeling it is disabled in the steam version of DiRT rally, when I enable it in the debugtool it is fluid. 
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,756 Poster of the Week
    edited January 2017
    @ApollyonVR Great work man but do you have a link to download your app?

    Also I don't have the following settings in my Registry???

    Fresco Registry Tweaks [Enabled] [Disabled] (greyed out if not running Fresco drivers)
      Enabled to set the below registry keys that might help with performance of the Inateck card.
      Disabled to revert back to default.
      Thanks to reddit user Nick3DvB for finding these.
      "U1U2LowPower"=dword:00000000 (default 00000001)
      "BulkInRingBuffers"=dword:00000256 (default 00000048)

    Mine is like that

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  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,039
    Ok, really great and useful. I can't find a link into your post to download your tool, I'm ready to test it, even if I don't have the Fresco card and drivers, the remaining options still pretty interesting :)

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  • AwacsAwacs Posts: 11
    Same problems on my PC, Fresco Card + Fresco Drivers.

    Would be nice to test your tool.

  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 281
    Nexus 6
    maxpare79, if the keys don't exists just create them as DWORD and assign them the specific values and reboot.

  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 281
    Nexus 6
    Will fix a few more things in the tool and PM you guys a link to test it before i post a public link.
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,756 Poster of the Week
    @ApollyonVR thx would love to test run it as well
    I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first :-) I7 [email protected], 16gb RAM/ Asus 1080 Strix Former DK2 Owner/Gear VR owner/CV1
  • SuperTuckSuperTuck Posts: 119
    Looking forward to it. The pixel density per app is genius.
  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 281
    Nexus 6
    maxpare79, SuperTuck, i have PM'd you with a link. Thanks!
  • DibelabbesDibelabbes Posts: 79
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wow, this is awesome. Especially that you have implemented per application profiles. I would like to test it as well if possible (I had already applied the fixes from reddit).
  • 7shane77shane7 Posts: 2
    put me forward to test it as well please mate im having a nightmare with mine atm :(
  • dannemandanneman Posts: 10
    I would love to try out your tool as well! :-)
  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 273
    Nexus 6
    Dude you can't tease us and then never post a link to download or any expections for when to expect it.
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,756 Poster of the Week
    He wants a few people to try it first before receiving tons of bug reports from tons of different users...understandable, 
    I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first :-) I7 [email protected], 16gb RAM/ Asus 1080 Strix Former DK2 Owner/Gear VR owner/CV1
  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 273
    Nexus 6
    I accept that of course! If I'm one of the testers :D
  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 281
    Nexus 6
    @Thmoas @danneman, i PM'ed you a link, let me know how it works for you.

  • l0b0l0b0 Posts: 9
    Nice work! Please send me link to OculusTrayTool
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,570 Valuable Player
    edited January 2017
    He can only hack one pc at a time. Be patient guys, there's no point installing back doors on everyones pc's at once...

    Looks good though.
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  • danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,987
    nice job
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  • NayanakNayanak Posts: 2
    interested in testing this out myself aswell
  • SuperTuckSuperTuck Posts: 119
    Works good.
  • dannemandanneman Posts: 10
    edited January 2017
    This tool is awesome. I love it! So convient to have supersampling profiles, and a easy way to restart the Oculus Service to get rid of the infamous 4-sensor-laggy-hands glitch. You should share it on :-)
  • vermadasvermadas Posts: 13
    I would like to try this out also. Great work!
  • saqsaq Posts: 16
    I would love to have the oculus traytool!
  • Everlasting1Everlasting1 Posts: 1
    Add me to the test list! :)
  • iTsLiKeAnEgGiTsLiKeAnEgG Posts: 21
    Please send me a link as well! Application based profiles sounds great. 
  • OziOziOiOiOziOziOiOi Posts: 5
    So many inconveniences solved! Sign me up too, please.
  • MarcBushidoMarcBushido Posts: 6
    Hi I would love to try this out.  Would really appreciate a link!  Thanks
  • dougchismdougchism Posts: 125
    I would also like to try this out. 
    PC Specs: 
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    3 ( soon to be 4 ) Sensor Roomscale Setup

  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 281
    Nexus 6
    I've updated the original post with a download link. Thanks again to everyone who helped me test it!
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