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Oculus TrayTool - SuperSampling profiles, HMD disconnect fixes (hopefully)

ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 391
edited February 9 in General
Oculus Tray Tool  
current version: 0.86.4

What is it?
In short; It’s a free application that helps you get the most out of your Rift. It is developed by me, ApollyonVR, with the support of the community for beta testing. Please note that this application is not an official piece software from Oculus, I am not affiliated with Oculus in any way. Any issues you
have with this application should be reported to me and not Oculus support. You can reach me here on the forums or by contacting me at [email protected]

Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) has many features that will hopefully help you get the very best VR experience. It has options that help you automatically switch audio and microphone to the Rift and back, handle the Oculus runtime service, voice commands, batch import Steam games (added to OTT by the awesome @headkaze over at, replace icons for your games and more.

It’s primary feature however, is the ability to create “Profiles” for you VR Games and apps.
Within these Profiles, you set how Asyncronous SpaceWarp (ASW) should act, increase the perceived resolution by using Supersampling and increase the CPU Priority of a given app to get the most juice out of your system for that specific application.
Once a Profile has been created for a game or app, OTT will detect when it is started and apply the
profile for it, without the need for taking your headset of.

If you want to have a peek at all the things OTT can do for you before installing the application, check the User Guide pdf. The latest version of this application will always be right below this intro, but the app also checks for available updates on startup.

Enjoy, have fun and please report any issues, suggestion or feature requests to me using the above mentioned methods. Oh, and feel free to buy me a coffee by using the PayPal button in-app. :-)

The very nice people over at have been kind enough to host some mirrors for the setups, so make sure to pay them a visit!

UPDATE 02/09
Version 0.86.4 is now available for everyone. Sorry this one took so long to get out, hope you find it useful.
As always, if you find anything broken or have suggestions for new stuff, just ping me here or at [email protected]

Changelog version

- The Power Plan set in OTT is now enforced, meaning OTT will automatically switch back to this plan if it detects
  that the current plan is changed by an outside source.
- Added separate options for setting default communications devices.
- Added "Use current default" as option for Fallback devices. This will store whatever devices are currently default
  when OTT starts and use these as fallback.
- Fixed an issue with the "Send Home to tray on Start" option.
- Fixed an issue where having no enabled audio devices caused problems in the startup sequence.
- Fixed an issue with the "Launch App with options" option in Profiles.
- Added more options for devices in the AudioSwitcher, instead of OTT just switching to Rift.
  Should help ppl with Quest Link to set that up as device for OTT to switch to.

UPDATE 10/18
Version is now available for download. Will be on the auto-updater in a few days
unless someone finds something that breaks the space-time continuum or similar.

Exe: (on google drive, a bit slow)
Mirrors (

Changelog version

- The manual .exe selection buttons on the "Create New Profile" window has been merged into
  one single button. With this you can manually select a game .exe to monitor and update the
  exe/path for an existing profile.

  * If a game has already been selected in the drop-down list, this button will simply update
    the game .exe path that OTT will monitor.
  * If a game has not been selected, this button will again let you browse for a game .exe but
    will also set the profile game name to the name of the exe you select.

- Fixed the system tray right-click menu option for switching between Rift and Fallback audio devices.
  If either the Audio or Mic fallback devices was not set, OTT would not switch to any device, even
  the one that was known (e.g. either Audio or Mic). This should now be fixed and OTT should switch
  to the known Fallback device, even if one of them is not known/set.
- All profiles can now have custom names, just set whatever name you want in the "Game/App" box
  either when creating a profile or when editing an existing profile.
- Profiles that have been created by manually selecting a .exe no longer appears in the drop-down
  of available games. Previously only games that had been selected from the drop-down was detected
  and removed form the list.
- FoV Multiplier now only affects a game/app's native mirror.
- The option to mirror Oculus Home now ignores the FoV Multiplier value as that messed up the window.
- Added a "Forced" option in Profiles for how to handle the mirror window. If a game/app for some
  reason does not natively mirror to desktop this setting will launch the OuclusMirror app.
  Using "Forced" as mirror option also ignores the FoV multiplier. Using "Forced" when a game/app
  has a native mirror will cause multiple mirror windows and have "unforeseen consequences"..
- Other buggfixes.

UPDATE 10/11
If anyone is having issues with games not being detected when the game uses a launcher (like Elite, iRacing etc.) i have a new build that hopefulyl fixes that.
Also, this build should fix issues with weird barrel/fish-eye view when mirroring Oculus Home, and also multiple mirror windows.
So just ping me and i'll get you the new build to test out.

UPDATE 09/30
I am aware that profiles where the game as a Launcher (Onward for example) might not be detected/applied properly. I am working on a fix.
I am also aware that the "Mirror FoV Multiplier" option might not play nice when mirroring Oculus Home. I'm looking into that as well.

UPDATE 08/20
Version 0.86.3 is now available for download. Don't hesitate to contact me about and bugs you find.
Get it here:
Alternate link here:

Changelog version 0.86.3

- Added "Default" option for CPU Priority in Profiles. Setting Default will make OTT not touch  CPU Prio at all.
  Any other value will cause OTT to set that priority, even if the process is already running with the same priority.
- Added function in the database consistency check that fixes incorrect values for Mirror Home. The missing values
  would cause an error when editing profiles.
- Added AudioSwitcher option to choose if Rift/Fallback should also be Default Communication device.
- Fixed incorrect device names in the AudioSwitcher. This fix might require you to reset and set it up again.
- Database consistency check is now always run on startup.
- Log Window tab title now displays number of new entries since last selected.
- Added universal "Exit app" command. This can be bound to any key, using the Hotkeys feature, to kill the
  currently running VR app. It will also kill any child process started by the monitored process and any parent
  process that owns the monitored process, as long as that parent is not 'Steam', 'Explorer' or 'OVRServer_x64'.
- Added more options to enable voice commands. This is needed for the Custom Voice Commands feature comming in
  a future release. You can now enable voice commands using your voice, a key on the keyboard or a button on a
  joystick/wheel. You can also select to press the key/use your voice once to enable and again to disable, or
  use Push-To-Talk. See the user guide for more info.
- Moved some options around.
- More buggfixes.



  • z1rconiumz1rconium Posts: 2
    Interesting. Now if only Oculus would add ASW settings to the CLI, would be helpful as I have the feeling it is disabled in the steam version of DiRT rally, when I enable it in the debugtool it is fluid. 
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,783
    Project 2501
    edited January 2017
    @ApollyonVR Great work man but do you have a link to download your app?

    Also I don't have the following settings in my Registry???

    Fresco Registry Tweaks [Enabled] [Disabled] (greyed out if not running Fresco drivers)
      Enabled to set the below registry keys that might help with performance of the Inateck card.
      Disabled to revert back to default.
      Thanks to reddit user Nick3DvB for finding these.
      "U1U2LowPower"=dword:00000000 (default 00000001)
      "BulkInRingBuffers"=dword:00000256 (default 00000048)

    Mine is like that

    I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first :-) I7 [email protected], 16gb RAM/ Asus 1080 Strix Former DK2 Owner/Gear VR owner/CV1
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,116
    Ok, really great and useful. I can't find a link into your post to download your tool, I'm ready to test it, even if I don't have the Fresco card and drivers, the remaining options still pretty interesting :)

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  • AwacsAwacs Posts: 11
    Same problems on my PC, Fresco Card + Fresco Drivers.

    Would be nice to test your tool.

  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 391
    maxpare79, if the keys don't exists just create them as DWORD and assign them the specific values and reboot.

  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 391
    Will fix a few more things in the tool and PM you guys a link to test it before i post a public link.
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,783
    Project 2501
    @ApollyonVR thx would love to test run it as well
    I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first :-) I7 [email protected], 16gb RAM/ Asus 1080 Strix Former DK2 Owner/Gear VR owner/CV1
  • SuperTuckSuperTuck Posts: 119
    Looking forward to it. The pixel density per app is genius.
  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 391
    maxpare79, SuperTuck, i have PM'd you with a link. Thanks!
  • DibelabbesDibelabbes Posts: 80
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wow, this is awesome. Especially that you have implemented per application profiles. I would like to test it as well if possible (I had already applied the fixes from reddit).
  • 7shane77shane7 Posts: 2
    put me forward to test it as well please mate im having a nightmare with mine atm :(
  • dannemandanneman Posts: 10
    I would love to try out your tool as well! :-)
  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 324
    Dude you can't tease us and then never post a link to download or any expections for when to expect it.
  • maxpare79maxpare79 Posts: 1,783
    Project 2501
    He wants a few people to try it first before receiving tons of bug reports from tons of different users...understandable, 
    I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first :-) I7 [email protected], 16gb RAM/ Asus 1080 Strix Former DK2 Owner/Gear VR owner/CV1
  • ThmoasThmoas Posts: 324
    I accept that of course! If I'm one of the testers :D
  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 391
    @Thmoas @danneman, i PM'ed you a link, let me know how it works for you.

  • l0b0l0b0 Posts: 9
    Nice work! Please send me link to OculusTrayTool
  • elbofforelboffor Posts: 2,572 Valuable Player
    edited January 2017
    He can only hack one pc at a time. Be patient guys, there's no point installing back doors on everyones pc's at once...

    Looks good though.
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  • danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,988
    nice job
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  • NayanakNayanak Posts: 2
    interested in testing this out myself aswell
  • SuperTuckSuperTuck Posts: 119
    Works good.
  • dannemandanneman Posts: 10
    edited January 2017
    This tool is awesome. I love it! So convient to have supersampling profiles, and a easy way to restart the Oculus Service to get rid of the infamous 4-sensor-laggy-hands glitch. You should share it on :-)
  • vermadasvermadas Posts: 13
    I would like to try this out also. Great work!
  • ragesaqragesaq Posts: 17
    I would love to have the oculus traytool!
  • Everlasting1Everlasting1 Posts: 1
    Add me to the test list! :)
  • iTsLiKeAnEgGiTsLiKeAnEgG Posts: 21
    Please send me a link as well! Application based profiles sounds great. 
  • OziOziOiOiOziOziOiOi Posts: 5
    So many inconveniences solved! Sign me up too, please.
  • MarcBushidoMarcBushido Posts: 6
    Hi I would love to try this out.  Would really appreciate a link!  Thanks
  • dougchismdougchism Posts: 127
    I would also like to try this out. 

  • ApollyonVRApollyonVR Posts: 391
    I've updated the original post with a download link. Thanks again to everyone who helped me test it!
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