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Will Oculus Rift Offer repair service

TigerqueenTigerqueen Posts: 1
I have used the Oculus rift DK1 and Bought DK2, and now I have the CV1.  I want to enjoy it but I am worried about the cable as I move around getting damaged.  I have heard that Oculus does not offer repair service for a charge or sell replacement parts.  Unfortunately I will not allow others to enjoy the VR because of the worry it may get damaged and I will be out of luck over something as simple as a cable and me not allowing others to use it also loose Oculus rift makers that advertisement of their product.  If it ever does get broke for something as simple as a cable and have to spend $600 again to buy a new one or spend $200 more and buy the Vive where I can replace things if they go bad. Well choice easy Vive all the way.  I already know of several ppl not buy Oculus for this same reason.  They will not last long in business if they do not stay competitive.   


  • Log_a_FrogLog_a_Frog Posts: 1,047
    There is another thread about the cable.
    I think Oculus are really slack for not selling this cable, honestly. 
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