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a gear vr 2016 review + guide for watching 3d videos on the gear vr

heynowbrowncowheynowbrowncow Posts: 127
Hiro Protagonist
edited December 2016 in Samsung Gear VR

i got the samsung gear vr for my samsung s7 for christmas.

i opened the box and put the straps on, then i put the micro usb connector on, then i set the slot to B.
the micro usb attachment slids off, and the slot set to B is by pressing in the button below the micro usb attachment.
i set the micro usb to locked.

i read about how the gear vr wouldnt open then somebody said the samsung vr sw needs to be used.
so before i connected the phone i went to the android store and downloaded samsung vr.
i opened that and looked around then closed it.

then i attached the s7 to the gear vr micro usb and clipped the phone in and a ladies voice said to remove the phone and download sw, so i did, it was 180 MB.
this installed the oculus app, i logged in and i had to download a app to play videos from the oculus app, its called "oculus video".

then i attached the phone to the gear vr, i put it on and saw i couldnt see anything clearly, so i turned the wheel on the gear vr which sharpend the image.
i found out i might have a tilted picture so i had to wiggle the phone until i clicked and the picture was straight.
so every time i put the phone in a wiggled the phone making sure it was clicked in.

then i looked around and tbh i wasn't impressed too much, sure it looked nice to see a fireplace and some store menus but i wasn't convinced.

then i tried some youtube videos and say i had to first open the video in youtube, then close youtube and look in my watch hirtory to see the video i just opened in youtube,
then i click the video and play it and then i can choose my viewing mode.
i watchd some videos and they were 2d, so i still wasn't convinced, but i said it looked like a extremely expensive theatre.
so i was happy with that, but vr was still a fantasy, i have had a theatre for years. i used 720p videos.

then i looked at the video free videos and saw a 360 vr video with buffalos and lions and a city, and i was in awe!
this was vr, i had seen it for myself and it felt gud to see.

so i tried to play the downloaded video the 360 vr one i saw with the polar bears and buffalo and it wasn't in my video folder, only in the list of free videos.
so i found out that it was in the Computer\Samsung Galaxy S7\Phone\Download\oculus_downloaded_videos folder.
so i found out that it goes into a different folder that wasn't made i had to create three folders to play my videos.

the three folders i had to create (Movies, 3D, 360Videos);
- Computer\Samsung Galaxy S7\Phone\Oculus\Movies
- Computer\Samsung Galaxy S7\Phone\Oculus\Movies\3D
- Computer\Samsung Galaxy S7\Phone\Oculus\360Videos

2d videos go into the Movies folder.
360 VR videos go into the 360Videos folder.
3d side by side videos go into the 3D folder, but they have to end in _LR
so the _LR is at the end of the name and before the file extension, _LR.mp4.
you can get some videos on youtube, 3d sbs;
- [3D SBS] Sam Flynn vs Rinzler

a 360 vr video
- björk stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality)

then as i watched the 2d videos they looked too close to the screen, so i found out if you tap the screen on the right side you see two squares, click that then you can resize the video.
the result is you can see the entire screen and the effect is it looks as large as a theatre.

but for intimacy you can enlarge the video size and see the person up close and intimate, like your in the room while their filming.

the one thing it you see the image isn't clean, it shows the screen isn't showing the image without some grain is the best word for it.
and the focus is in one spot, not the entire scene, so to see something clearly you have to turn your head and look right at it, or else it gets a bit fuzzy.
but for the joy i have with this i don't mind that much. and i haven't even tried the games yet, i don't need to though, save that for when i have some hands in the rift.

i read about how the phone gets steaming hot, i have a Exynos 8890 s7, its meant for battery life not performance, so it doesn't get as hot as the 4 core cpu.
i keep the back off, it doesn't get very hot, its warm but not needing extra cooling.

the thing that bothers me the most is its noticably heavy on my face after 10 minutes or so of video watching, im looking all around and swinging this 10 pound weight on my head and it gets noticable after a while.

i wish i could play csgo on this in 2d using the large screen, that would be epic.


  • relaxculusrelaxculus Posts: 97
    Hiro Protagonist
    You forget to mention 180 and 360 Stereo 3D videos. Should be copied to Movies/_180_LR_videos and _360_LR_videos.
  • heynowbrowncowheynowbrowncow Posts: 127
    Hiro Protagonist
    you rename the 360 degree video
    - "title_360.mp4".

    you rename 180 degree video
    - "title_180.mp4".

    then put the 360 degree and 180 degree videos in the movies folder.

    Computer\Samsung Galaxy S7\Phone\Oculus\Movies

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