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The left lense is mostly black, like an ink splotch with no light

ff7chickenff7chicken Posts: 2
My CV1 Rift no longer lights up on the left lense; has almost no light coming from it. I can see the background slightly but it's not lit up past what looks like a big black splotch.

Any ideas what it might be or how I can fix it?


  • ff7chickenff7chicken Posts: 2
    Here are some pics: a close up of what on the darkened lense and then both lenses.
  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 1,129
    If you remove the faceplate, the plastic part with the foam which is easily removable, did you try to unplug / re-plug the cable on the top left side of the headset? I guess you tried another video output on your computer too?

    If yes the Rift seems defective, sad new...

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