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Looking for friends

mprice14mprice14 Posts: 5
Hi I'm new here and just getting to grips with everything. I have the gear vr and been playing and watching random things I find but am looking for people to connect with who can give me a helping hand 

Thanks in advance


  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,978 Valuable Player
    Hi mprice14 - check out vtime and possibly Altspace (not sure if that is on the Gear VR).  They are social apps.

    Any questions just ask away or do a search to see if it has already been asked.   :)
  • mprice14mprice14 Posts: 5
    Hi andyring will have a look now. Thanks for your reply. I've been researching but there's so many options. I didn't realise how big vr was!
  • Michael2021Michael2021 Posts: 4
    If you ever get the rift, let me know I'll add you.
  • mprice14mprice14 Posts: 5
    Hi - been a whilse since i logged in. Are you still there?
  • NorthbeeNorthbee Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    edited December 2017
    This is why Oculus should connect the forum to the Oculus Desktop app. Or at least have some way to foster a community there. Asking someone for help, finding friends etc. It should all be in the Oculus Desktop app. This is why I like Steam. I can get news, view update history and share stuff, all in the app. And I can comment and discuss those things with my fellow gamers. I want to be able to respond to peoples reviews, help them if they have a problem or just discuss. Sometimes the developer won't respond so why not let us users respond. Having a place to talk about the games, software etc. that we buy would really help grow the community. And why not be a bit futuristic here and try to make all this in VR. I'm too tired to think about that now though but SteamVR has a simple, for now, implementation of this. You can already share environments/homes and look at user created content in VR. Now, with the new Home Beta update there's even more incentive to create a place for users to share content. A place to share our 3D models, 2D art, screenshots and so on. We should be able to place all those things in our Home. We should be able to tell the creators how awesome their creation is!

    I'm sorry for taking over your thread lol, I kept typing and there was no stopping it. I'll go to sleep now.
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  • AdKiuCMAdKiuCM Posts: 106
    have you tried this thread yet? I got many from there.
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