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VR Animation and Spectator

filipegomesfilipegomes Posts: 1
Hello, two questions:

  • I need to know if there's any way to capture the artists POV but in VR, so other people can watch a playback of the painting's creation. If not in Quill, could you point to some other external application that could be used while the painting is being made and create the VR Capture?
  • Is there a spectator mode? Again, if not - is there any way I can replicate/transmit/copy the POV of the artist to another set of Rift?

To be clear. The goal would be to have someone watch realtime the painting being made while in VR. If that's not possible then the best next thing would be to watch a playback of the painting being created while in VR.

Thank you!



  • chornechorne Posts: 91 Oculus Staff
    I don't have any good suggestions for external capture applications. Maybe someone else can chime in?

    As for spectator mode - no that is currently not supported. It's often requested though and definitely on our list!
  • benjavidesbenjavides Posts: 4
    Hi, there is an app called VRCapture its free on steam and works well.
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