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Vision Correction in Software

rlnasutirlnasuti Posts: 8
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edited December 2016 in General
Does anyone know if Oculus is looking into this at all? Basically it distorts an image in such a way that when it reaches the eye the person viewing it (who needs glasses) that person views the image perfectly, without glasses.

Pop Article:
White paper: 

This is not technology that I would think had a real purprose until the arrival of HMD's. With the screen sitting at a fixed distance from the users face, could oculus create "filters" for different prescription strengths that simulate a glasses prescription in software and negate the need for anyone to ever  wear glasses?

It's just a thought I had and I wasn't sure where else to ask.


    Just imagine.. a configuration manager that looks like a eye sight tests you do when getting prescription lenses... and you will configure the whole environment on the go, you set the perfect view for you... the technology EXISTS.. they just need to make this happen ( which is really difficult I know ) but for the future. would be PERFECT. I would pay $20 to have this "app"
  • Howie_DoodatHowie_Doodat Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    I’m pretty sure this is not possible. Think about it this way..if a straight line is blurry to you past X distance there’s nothing they can do on the screen to make it clear to you. It’s not like a certain type of jagged line will look straight to your eye. You will just see a jagged line, but still blurry. Your best bet is to just buy a $60-70 set of prescription lens inserts. 

    This is nothing like being at the eye doctor where they put lenses very close to your eye and correct your vision that way. For the sake of the argument consider the depth of field in VR as being truly that far away from you, because as far as your eyes are concerned, it is. 
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