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superhot - 3 shotguns vs unarmed level

tbeernottbeernot Posts: 1
So superhot is a very nice game; puzzle, action, suspense... But I can't seem to figure out the 3 scene of the level in the graveyard; three guys with shotguns and I don't have anything. Yikes! I figure dodging is the tactic, and keeps getting harder. Shotguns usually fire only twice, but after surviving six dodges they just keep on shooting. What is the solution here?


  • Phil007Phil007 Posts: 56
    Hiro Protagonist
    After the first dodge a black pyramid appears behind them above their heads. Look at it to complete the level before they shoot again.
  • Jokergod2000Jokergod2000 Posts: 302
    Nexus 6
    What??? I did not know that. I chucked some guns from the previous sequence, caught them and killed all three lol
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