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Oculus Touch USB ports

MikeZwoMikeZwo Posts: 10
edited January 2017 in General
I'm thinking about purchasing the Oculus Touch Controllers but I couldn't find anything about USB ports. Do I need an additional one or does it track with the normal Oculus Sensor that comes with the rift? 

So my question basically is: how many USB ports do the controllers require? USB 3 or is USB 2 enough?


  • MikeZwoMikeZwo Posts: 10
    From what I heard the best experience is with 2 sensors at 3.0 and 1 sensor at 2.0
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,423 Volunteer Moderator
    The touch controllers themselves don't need usb, they are wireless to the hmd as jojerjack says.
    They come with a second sensor though, which needs a usb port. It's best to have two sensors for touch to reduce occlusion (for example holding a gun in front of your face in a game could block a single sensor from seeing the hmd because your hand is in the way).

    For full 360 tracking of your hands, 3 sensors are recommended. 2 work, but 3 reduces occlusion further.

    So bare minimum is 2 usb (hmd and sensor). Recommended is 3 usb (hmd and two sensors). Recommended for 360 is 4 usb (hmd and 3 sensors).

    Plus for any games that use an xbox controller, you need another usb. (some games still need an xbox controller, touch doesn't work with everything).

    Now for usb 2 or 3: The recommended 360 degree version is hmd and two sensors on USB3, the third sensor on USB2. This is to reduce the bandwidth (all 4 on USB3 is a bit much for most computers). But even if the software complains, USB2 should work fine for all of them. I use HMD and two sensors in USB2 (none of my USB3 ports are compatible).

  • XlordBXlordB Posts: 289
    Nexus 6
    Whats your tracking performance like with everything in usb2?
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,423 Volunteer Moderator
    All works fine.

    I get occasional touch spinning out of hand like a lot of people, but there's no consistent problems.

    (The inatek card isn't available from any local computer stores, and I intend to upgrade my pc soon-ish anyway, so new motherboard may work better)
  • WildtWildt Posts: 2,266 Valuable Player
    kojack said:
    All works fine.

    I get occasional touch spinning out of hand like a lot of people
    So which is it?
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,423 Volunteer Moderator
    Obviously I don't consider the rare controller spin to be related to usb 2.
    There are ZERO hmd tracking issues with usb2.
    If usb2 caused touch spinning, it would be happening all the time, not maybe twice in an hour. It's an issue with the tracking software, not usb2.

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