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Useful s/w for room setup with extenders

TickTockTickTock Posts: 200
Nexus 6
edited January 2017 in General
I was getting quite frustrated trying to find a setup that worked for me using active USB extenders and hubs (I have to go over 30' in some cases).  Then I stumbled across USBDeview and it proved very useful so I thought I'd share.  One of the frustrating things I encountered was something that worked before would stop working.  For example, I had all sensors in one USB 3.0 hub working but when I tried to add an extender cable not only did it stop working but the hub by itself wouldn't work anymore either.  Moving to a new port worked until I also "broke" it by attempting the same thing.  Good news is I didn't actually damage the port - the computer remembers stuff you connected to each port and it can apparently impact behavior when extenders are put in series even after they are removed.  So USBDeview came to the rescue.  It shows all devices associated with each USB port even if they are not currently connected.  Then you can uninstall those devices to get that port back to it's initial state.  Probably possible to do all this in device manager but this software makes it super-easy.  When a port starts behaving badly, I just uninstall all devices currently associated with it and it is back to normal (this does not uninstall the devices associated with other ports).

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