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The Unspoken - Game balance and overall opinions

Yawning_SoldierYawning_Soldier Posts: 8
edited January 7 in Games and Apps
Been playing The Unspoken a lot, and it's great fun... Most of the time.
Lately I've noticed that Im consistently losing against people with Blackjack class, and being Kinetist, I feel like I just don't have the tools to deal with Blackjack. The problems I have, are as follows:
1. I feel that Blackjack's knives are far superior to all other basic attacks (albeit bit harder to aim). It's freely aimable and goes in straight line, making it easy to fire from behind cover or between gaps in clocktower, for example. It flies at high speed, making it almost impossible to block in close range fights, and it's impossible to reflect back on opponent.
2. The cloak. Hands down the best shield. As it's the only one that can't be straight out broken with spear or one boosted spell (except for fireworks). The further I've played, the more I've felt that this is the only worthwhile shield to use, as it at least forces dispelling censor, whereas two others can just be Forge speared.
3. Disc of Blades is just too fast, both in travel time and casting time. It can basically be fired instantly (after teleport for example) for half damage, with no chance of dodge or shooting it down happening. Also, it's notoriously easy to aim when compared to the Kinetist's Debris shot.

So that's the end of my rant about blackjack. Furthermore I feel that Artifact stacking shouldn't be allowed. It just feels frustrating playing against someone with 3 x Ctulhu's Grasp or the like.


  • Zombi3hunt3r745Zombi3hunt3r745 Posts: 1
    edited March 11
    I couldnt agree more, blackjack is too easy and too powerful to play, and the rate they can throw their knive is nothing less than annoying, when i bought this game i expected it to be fun no matter win or lose but when you see how much easier it is to play blackjack then you see the game is fairly one sided, albeit you playing another class, its nothing less than annoying when you first start the game with one class and get yoir ass handed to you by a veteran blackjack
  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 503
    I've never been able to get into this game. I played it a few times when I first got Touch but that's it. 

    It should have had a single player campaign. 
  • Yawning_SoldierYawning_Soldier Posts: 8
    edited March 21
    Im glad to report that it seems to have players again :smile:
    However, the problems with Blackjack are just as obvious as before. 
    The common problem situations include:
    Blackjack storing cards and launching them with forge spear, making it impossible to dodge both.
    Blackjack shooting disc of blades from ridiculous curves. For example, around the entire Cemetery. Seriously, to make the Debris shot as strong, it should be homing or deal 50% of health as damage on full charge. Both ridiculous suggestions, but so is Disc of Blades.
    Blackjack with 3 forge spears/C'tulhu's grasps. These are just obnoxious to deal with, as one forces you to play against character with ridiculous amount of unblockable attacks, and other forces you to take damage that's completely unavoidable.
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