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New guy question

IamMeISayIamMeISay Posts: 4
Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me with these couple of questions.

I want to begin developing for the Rift, it's out of my price range though. Is the development process similar for Gear VR goggles, or would it be the case that I would essentially have to start the entire learning process over, when I can eventually afford the Rift itself?

Next and last question.

If I purchase the phone goggles, can I develop using those, or is there a special kind of "development goggles" specifically used for development?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    There are some similarities to mobile and PC development, but they can also be very different in terms of limitations and optimizations and such. But both platforms can use popular engines like Unity and Unreal, and the code and API is mostly the same.

    I'm not sure buying a mobile headset is a good idea if you really want to develop for PC. When you factor in the phone cost (not sure if you already have a compatible Samsung phone or not) the mobile kit can actually be more expensive. Might be best to just continue to save for Rift.

    Also, you can start developing your game on the PC, for example with Unity, or work on art, story, sound, etc. and lots of the stuff that doesn't require a VR headset for testing. However, it is helpful to test in the headset early as some ideas will just not work well and it's good to try them and fail early.

    Hope that helps.
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  • IamMeISayIamMeISay Posts: 4
    Thanks Cyber, my long term goal is self-satisfying for the Rift.

    My development goals are going to be structured around shut-ins, specifically children who are in hospital long term, or those who will never come out, i.e., cancer kids. Further experimentation will be for the elderly, perhaps in retirement homes. A little war time big band music, in a crowded 1940's era pub could really ease the emotional pain of being stuck in the last place you'll ever live, and knowing it! 

    Knowing I can develop with the consumer goggles, and learn a lot (even if not everything) that will transfer to the rift development, makes me think the goggles are the way to go. Not to mention the portability, considering the end users I have in mind.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the input.
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