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the gear vr 2016 has a small non blurry spot, and the head strap is not too good.

heynowbrowncowheynowbrowncow Posts: 127
Hiro Protagonist
edited January 2017 in Samsung Gear VR

the circle in the glass is about what I see of the 16 9 aspect ratio 2d video that is not blurry, in the Samsung gallery video seen in the gear vr 2016 model. to see the picture clearly I have to move my head around the picture like a spotlight.

I put a flashlight on the glass where the phone goes and took a picture of the glass where my eyes go. if I had a cv1 I bet I could do this too to see if there was a circle that shows what is not blurry and what is. the non blurry would be in the inner circle area.

and the head strap block my nose from breathing and pulls my cheek skin over my top teeth which feels terrible. to fix this I have to cinch up the top strap tight and then that fixes the breathing and cheek pulling problem but then the bottom foam of the ski mask hurts a little.

I want the picture to not be blurry and the head strap to be better quality in the new gear vr model.

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  • heynowbrowncowheynowbrowncow Posts: 127
    Hiro Protagonist
    i made some test patterns to show what im talking about in this link;
  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,234 Valuable Player
    That sounds normal, the VR has a conventional lens with a smaller sweet spot where everything is in focus.  Unlike the Rift which has a Fresnel lens with a much larger sweet spot.
  • heynowbrowncowheynowbrowncow Posts: 127
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited January 2017
    i had my top strap cinched up tight to hold the goggles from clamping down on my nose, but the bottom strap got pulled up and this put a lot of weight on the top back sides of my head which hurt after two minutes.

    and i got a lot of steam on my glass from looking around while watching a 360 degree video, i got a little sweaty and that steamed up my glass.

    so i made the top strap less tight and then the nose pad clamped down on my nose and this ruined the immersion and made me feel bad.

    so nothing to lose i decided to cut the nose pad and breathe free of the nose being touched by foam from the gear vr 2016.

     i cut the plastic cut out for the nose so its free of foam. i could see some room light by my nose which was distracting for a few minutes but i got used to it and ignored it. and i could breathe again, and my top lip didnt pull over my teeth, and my glass didnt steam up.

    i took some pictures;

    the top picture is with the foam not cut, the two bottom pictures are my gear vr 2016 after cutting the nose foam.

    so i will add to my wish list for the 2017 model is to have an optional foam surround mold to not put foam into the nose plastic cut out, but everywhere else foam is good. just like in my two pictures of my gear vr with the foam cut out, but done nice so it looks good. please thank you!
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